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"Now you are just sounding like a parrot. I've read that before. It was written by men. It's the excuse for what he has done written by men who wish to control people by making them sheep like followers. You fell in line."

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" "Go on," she licked the rizzler a few times, but in a sexy, gestural way and I started laughing. But I never sucked him off. I remained silent as he cupped my breast in each hand and continued to kiss my neck.

Besides I liked what I saw.

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Kataur 1 year ago
I have really enjoyed watching you make some great points on this thread. I have people very close to me who have gone from homosexual to heterosexual. Their stories are pushed aside and all the scientific, peer-review papers that clearly show a similar family dynamic among homosexuals are never considered by the APA.
Mikus 11 months ago
How do you know that? And no...they get a percentage based on total income, if they are doing ot right. How do you know they are thieves? Only God knows...but their ministry is growing. Isn't God in control of that?
Medal 11 months ago
wrong again, his actual contribution was just under 1 trillion, mostly to the ARRA and the bail-outs, Ask yourself where was the GOP, they did finally sign off on TARP, but that was before Obama took office
Samuzragore 11 months ago
Japan has the right idea:
Voodoozuru 11 months ago
Dublin Texas Dr Pepper!!!!!!!!
Kajilkree 11 months ago
Not really, she just basically said it's a lot to process. Break it down if you want. Take 1 or 2 questions.
Badal 11 months ago
Penguins are on our planet. Would the creator of our universe live on our planet?
Voodoogore 10 months ago
Lube and persistence says "I'm a winner"
Dushicage 10 months ago
So you don't know, and you don't want to know. How informed.
Grobei 10 months ago
You see that anomaly in 1998? It's like if a .200 hitter has a 4 for 4 night, and you try to argue he's a batting champion. The next day he goes 1 for 4, the next day 0 for 3 the next day 1 for 3. But as long as you keep starting on that 4 for 4 night, he looks pretty good ... for a while.
Shajin 10 months ago
Can you understand why you hate gays? Of course you do. They're vermin in your eyes.

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