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"He was not Jesus. Read John 3:16. He was YHWH, read Psalm 83:18, Exodus 6:3 kjv"

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" He says as the bottle comes back around to me. Back then I had a major crush on him because he Ebonyy gorgeous and a very nice guy.

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of sorts," she said looking up at me Claesic a wicked glint in her eyes. "Not even if my penis is hard?" he asked. "Please, I'm begging you-OOH!" Something cold ran its way through Anna's slit; it wasn't Elsa's finger; both of her hands were on Anna's stomach.

She didn't see the message. " Will was now completely humiliated, as Pierce raised and turned his head to stare at Will, "I-I didn't mean to.

But mostly I had a feeling of excitement over me, Ebohy was going to happen. She called the cops. She had an idea !.

She is confused. "I was just joking.

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Jucage 5 months ago
I guess you didn't read the quote I posted.
Faektilar 5 months ago
There isn't enough bandwidth for the pics of Chicago animals.
Nakus 5 months ago
If it doesn't promote hate they can
Gogrel 5 months ago
Heh I resemble that remark... from time to time...
Faelabar 5 months ago
The proper term is wretched. A Ratchet is a tool. God I can't stand hearing people say that word as a slang term for nasty. Just say nasty.
Tygoramar 5 months ago
Close one, Hades. We didn't want to have to kick your ass.
Visida 4 months ago
Yes there are even more ways life diversifies and changes. That reduces the need for a designer it doesn?t increase it.
Zolobei 4 months ago
Sure, but most do not count as the same god. Much less when they are f*cking each other and having kids
Dijar 4 months ago
The outside is nice, the inside, not so much...
Yozshushicage 3 months ago
There are some days when I'm like "Well this is me, and I love me and all my flaws." other days I'm like "I hate me, and can we take down all mirrors and can I wear a burqa so no one can look at me?!"
Vigami 3 months ago
I once wrote this:
Samugor 3 months ago
America is winning.
Mikabei 3 months ago
Is your breath different from your words? If so, how are they different?
Vudorn 3 months ago
What created evolution? What created the universe?
Tulabar 3 months ago
I enjoy reading Revelation for novel ideas. Some of the content in Revelation sounds like a video game.
Arasida 2 months ago
These folks are all on crack. Aren't they?
Mohn 2 months ago
Thanks, and also to you.. excellent scripture verses to seek him whole-heartedly..
Zulkicage 2 months ago
You spend time labeling instead of citing.
Tozragore 2 months ago
If anyone needs an abortionist, I'M YOUR GAL! :)
Kinos 2 months ago
No chance. The timing is of her choosing.
Disho 1 month ago
I do like a good title.
Togul 1 month ago
p.s. When uncertain, I lean toward freer speech.
Feshakar 1 month ago
It?s the other way around. Laws can?t violate one?s free exercise of religion.
Tojajin 1 month ago
I think they should have to pay a really steep fine for calling an emergency line for things that are NOT an emergency.
Tygolkree 4 weeks ago
Wall of shame stupidity. You should be embarrassed.
Kagataur 3 weeks ago
Then I guess any history before, say 1940 is suspect at best?
Mazut 3 weeks ago
From that silly picture we can guess the Russians are not too good at Photoshop.
Mikasa 2 weeks ago
Could you define what you mean by "inspired" but not "infallible?"
Fenrishakar 5 days ago
Two of the three were abducted on his watch

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