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"It's based on your personal interpretation of the bible."

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Demie kills people, but she can make herself look (and feel) like any girl I want. "YOU FUCKING CUNT. (this is just how me and libby's relationship was.

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Ditaxe 1 year ago
Past Boston? Without LeBron? Yo put the controller down
Meztilabar 11 months ago
You said living in Canada and working in the US. Then you changed to Washington/Oregon.
Maurg 11 months ago
Possibly - seems like a Hail Mary, but sometimes they work, I guess.
Basar 11 months ago
"Sometimes the writers used hyperbole."
Fenribar 11 months ago
What are you on about? Inbreeding and marrying within the family was hardly introduced to the world by the Muslims.
Mezragore 11 months ago
so anti-abortion= life starts at conception. therefore abortion= murder.
Brarn 11 months ago
The ambiguity I was referring was defining "God" loosely and then applying "objective" standards to matters of belief.
Gakazahn 11 months ago
Lol. String theory? Its probably tiny vibrating what? C'mon lets hear it...
Taull 10 months ago
Very well stated.
Gardaran 10 months ago
But it can be objective too Sue. The twelve (and more) were exposed to things which were meant to prove its God. Right? The bible is meant to be indirect evidence because its a relationship you test over time. It is directly tested though by the works. We have prophecy to test. It literally says...believe by the word or by the works, just believe already, mix in that and not the unbelief evidence.
Yomi 10 months ago
Denial of service by a business covered by public accommodation laws based on religious reasons is currently being decided upon by SCOTUS.
Mikaramar 10 months ago
So you admit that Doug is smarter than the entire NDP campaign team. Thanks.
Kektilar 10 months ago
Right, because there was tons of diversity when everyone was popping LSD or hooked on opium.
Akinozahn 10 months ago
Freedom to ride and freedom to crash! I gots better insurance than you...(Fried Green Tomatoes)
Dulabar 9 months ago
I wished I had that, instead I got a lesson in trees not growing money. : )
Kazile 9 months ago
Atheists and theists are dying for the same cause.
Zulkigis 9 months ago
Perhaps you should reread my post. In my opinion, I refuted the claim that natural selection is a tautology. Maybe you missed that. Can you come up with a refutation for my refutation other than simply repeating your original claim.
Dounris 9 months ago
Well! You've gotten a lot of words! And a lot of words about words.
Goltijar 9 months ago
The christ myth is a certainty.
Zudal 8 months ago
Im sure any magician could make you see the sun stand still and the shadow of the sun go back up the stairwell.
Kazrarg 8 months ago
Is that Benny Hill?
Akinogal 8 months ago
That's an intellectually lazy premise though. You keep trying to take away all the context and define poor people by whatever wrong "choices" they've made, completely forgetting that we've all made some wrong choices that could've screwed us over. Upward mobility here is pretty bad. Instead of blaming the powerless maybe it's time to start blaming the powerful.
Merg 8 months ago
AL. Oh my, it was not my intent to ? pin societal issues on theism? .
Tagor 8 months ago
Perhaps if you came with subtitles.
Kezragore 8 months ago
Fucking imbecile , I gave you facts about LBB Barry Obungo.

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