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Kam 1 year ago
All of them together add up to me, but the one cell isn't the whole of me. It isn't even close.
Dugar 1 year ago
Italian, he's got pizza for luggage.
Kakree 1 year ago
While I understand and empathize with the sentiment, writing legislation to prevent an infectious person from walking around would be hard to write and probably unenforceable. As for the victims, perhaps it was their god's plan for them that they contracted this dreadful disease.
Vubei 1 year ago
Bored? Yet you still come back. Keep editing your replys
Gardar 1 year ago
I know how she feels, though. My ex and I used to fight over never talking on the phone, because he was oh so very, very busy drinking or playing video games. Phone calls were our only means of interaction for long periods of time, as he was in the military. So, of course it was important. Those phone calls WERE our relationship.
Dot 1 year ago
Romantic obsession is based in fear and insecurity. It's a pretty common phenomenon. BTW, as a culture, we're fascinated by romantic obsession. It's a frequent theme on TV (Lifetime Channel) and in movies that mirror the classic Fatal Attraction (such as "Friend Request") and other stalker movies. And in music...
Arashilrajas 1 year ago
As many times as it is required and by the looks of that could be millions
Kigajora 1 year ago
Y'all saying this next year?
Yozshusar 1 year ago
Of course not. But people are really bad at distinguishing their own opinion from objective fact. This is even truer in subjective areas like art or beauty.
Akinozil 11 months ago
"No refuge could save the hireling and slave/From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave"
Meztinris 11 months ago
That's cause' you don't know Harlem Huppies ;) Seriously, they play off Harlem's past and live there as if they're ghetto.
Mulkis 11 months ago
I am pretty good with the English language. I am not trying to reinterpreted it. You are because you don't like what it says.
Kazigor 11 months ago
I believe I am privileged to have experienced the love of God and God does not command us to do anything we dont want to do. Its called free will.
Arazilkree 11 months ago
Doesn't matter. Anyone or anything or any god. Why would god get a pass?
Malasho 11 months ago
I meant the babies are contracting std's from the mouths of Mohel's. Do a search on " oral suction circumcision", the mohel puts the child's freshly circumcised and bloody penis in his mouth to "clean" the blood away. NYC is trying to ban the practice but the Jews have an extremely powerful lobby in NY and cling tightly to their ancient superstitions. More damage by radical religious because it says so in their "special book".
Felkis 10 months ago
Hotter inside. The A/C is under repair... there at least is a breeze outside...
Mikazshura 10 months ago
I hope you noticed the "?" at the end of the phrase. ;)
Nijar 10 months ago
Have you bothered to look at our debt recently, and what we've got to show for it?
Zulkinris 10 months ago
very likely. it might also be worth pointing out that god himself would be pro choice. he may lay down the occasional law, but aside from hardening pharaohs heart, he tends to be opposed to taking away free will. it seems rather presumptuous of his children to try to take away the free will of women, where god himself wouldn't, ostensibly.
Samujinn 9 months ago
Of course it?s people that actually do the work and make things happen but for Christians who engage in those fields and run those ministries it is their faith in the Christian principles of loving and caring for others that motivate them.
Teshicage 9 months ago
My wife and I have a partnership. She does some things very well as do I.
Murg 9 months ago
It?s not up to the government to tell someone they can?t kill anyone. It?s theur choice right?
Magal 9 months ago
Brock Turner was so oppressed by the court system for having to serve 3 whole months for raping that college girl.
Nikolrajas 9 months ago
Treat others as you wish to be treated.
Golkree 8 months ago
Good morning nt
Malasar 8 months ago
FWIW, I'm not interested in debating if abortion is right or wrong, as views on that will largely be dependent on people's religious views. That said, no matter what people's views are on rather or not it's right or wrong, I think most reasonable people can agree: It isn't the same as condoms or the pill, and it should be viewed as a more serious action than those.
Salmaran 8 months ago
Doubling down on your dishonesty, eh? Makes me wonder if you actually wrote the article you claim to have written.
Jugrel 8 months ago
Don't you mean will the President allow them to visit him?
Shadal 8 months ago
"suggests that in the modern era it is less a call to patriotism and more

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