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"All? The souls Believers and non believers and no opportunity to believe souls go to the same place?"

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She hated the super genius and considered him a truly repugnant human being. What will happen to my grandsons and granddaughter if you stay dead.

The Flare - she loves this dick so much she exxxtra wet

She asked for his name and I told her. She rolled over to be in his arms and gave him a deep passionate kiss on the lips. Clara says " " wanna see him?. She loves to smoke my pot, so she spared my life, stays with me, and occasionally we have incredible sex.

I know I should have checked the boy but instead I waited a minute and headed out the center aisle and out the theater. She did so sending him into further shock. She had licked her face clean by then. At home, no clothes unless someone outside of us is coming over. As we came out and went under the waterfall, I noticed a guy standing at the corner of the pool.

Partly it's because she has such an expressive face and you can almost see what she is thinking by watching her grin, or smile, or look frustrated.

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Dujinn 9 months ago
However not changing your views on what is and isn?t in Sharia and accepting the obviously bigoted view of Sharia is more about bigotry and disrespect than critique. Because according to the people who should know best tell us that Sharia only covers Muslims and no one else. And that there are many legal ways of escaping from many of the seeming impossible restrictions. We need a lawyer because the simple version of common law says you shall not kill, except we have three or more levels defined as killing ranging from justifiable homocide to premeditated murder. And we know that just because you are charged doesn?t mean either guilt or conviction. But somehow you believe an entire civilization would blithely accept centuries of injustice? That the courts would blindly accept such? And that good sense would never in 1400 years win out over bad dogma?
Nikogal 9 months ago
Only "fire" in crowded theatres.
Vigami 9 months ago
"From Soho down to Brighton..."
Bagrel 9 months ago
Okay, keep the argument on the non-disabled. By the time you get down to the disabled population, the number is really really small. The left loves to toss the lazy, greedy, and stupid in with the disabled and the temporarily poor to get the bigger number. They are not equal.
Duzil 9 months ago
People who use all caps care more than they're letting on.
Magis 8 months ago
So contract with them. It isn?t the duty of the customer to go shopping for a business willing to serve them. It is the bussiness?s duty to be available to serve all customers. That dates back to long before the civil accommodation act because Blacks used to have to seek out a place that would accept them, also observant Jews and such. No, the owner may possibly exempt an employee who has a serious issue, but the business has a duty to provide service. But legally the business can compel the employee to provide the service. In which case the employer gains the reputation of being inconsiderate. Because from a legal standpoint the commercial questions and legal questions are the same as the standing for the anthem.
Samukus 8 months ago
I became a Hindu after reflection upon what I read on Global Religions. I am far more open minded than I used to be. Thanks everyone!
Samuzahn 8 months ago
My take is pretty simple and see if you agree with me.
Tetaxe 8 months ago
Good evening, C/K/A.
Muzahn 8 months ago
Perhaps you could point me to just one instead of lying.
Daigore 8 months ago
Neither of us is prescient, but, looking at what's happened to religion in the last 500 years, really does suggest that its clock has run, its day is over.
Shakasa 7 months ago
Deleting so as to not blame political parties.
Gojora 7 months ago
Freddy is not enjoying the heat.
Goltirg 7 months ago
I just saw it in my feed today. I didn't know it had made it here yet.
Brashakar 7 months ago
And we are still discussing the typo. Okay. You don't have any arguments, I get it.
Samugal 7 months ago
If you are putting applications in and not getting a sniff - it might mean the market is saturated in your area. Do some research to determine the most cost effective place to live that has a market for your skills.
Gardabei 7 months ago
Or China, for that matter.
Mikagis 7 months ago
Pagers! lol I was too young to have a real one, but I thought I was doing something with my clear one that held gum.
Kagashakar 6 months ago
You choose not to see it hence my original comment.
Maktilar 6 months ago
Off your meds?
Moll 6 months ago
No more of that please. Ty.
Shakarg 6 months ago
So I guess he won't bake a cake for the writer of this OP, since it's actually a lie. The court ruling is not what the OP claims.
Vilrajas 5 months ago
I laugh at yours and all other religions.
Maurn 5 months ago
There is proof, endless proof. But for me to put it out on a chat like this would be foolish. If your mind is already made up, there is nothing I can say, no matter how blatantly obvious it is, that will convince you otherwise. So, the only conclusion to come to is this: you've already proven (in your own mind) that God doesn't or cant exist. So now, how about trying to prove (to yourself) that God does exist. Take 1 year and go on an honest pursuit of Truth. Sincerely pray and continually ask for revelation. Tell "God" that you really want to know if He's real, AND MEAN IT. If you have sincerely done it (prayed, gone to church, read the Bible, etc...)for 1 year and are still convinced, then I would say you have earned the right to proclaim there is no God.
Kigalmaran 5 months ago
Your distinction was that the God in the religion turned Human. Krishna turned human and so did Zeus.

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