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"The investigation that led to the Steele dossier was originally commissioned by GOP, in a vain attempt to prevent Donald from becoming the GOP candidate. The investigator then shopped it to a member of the Hillary campaign."

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Kejinn 1 year ago
Then again? I am not standing up for the filthy Protestants either. I am an equal opportunity trasher of Christians, Muslims and others lol.
Kazirisar 1 year ago
I knew I shouldn't, the wife might come home, or another TADer might walk in on the scene without much explanation, but there was something, something about that smile, that made my mouth whisper "Yes."
Mogor 1 year ago
How do you figure?
Tojalkis 11 months ago
People are dumb.
Kibar 11 months ago
He's like "NOOOOOOO!"
Tygojin 11 months ago
There is nothing anti-atheist in my opinion. I have but given an example of what some anti-theists do. I have made no supposition whatsoever about anti-theists in general. Perhaps you are merely feeling unnecessarily triggered?
Fenrizilkree 11 months ago
Im happy to clarify it for you.
Malashakar 10 months ago
The one thing you are forgetting is that it's actually the Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy. Every nuclear reactor or atomic/nuclear bomb (they're different, you know. . .) literally converts matter into energy. Nagasaki, for instance, was the conversion of about a gram of mass into energy. Mostly, it was heat but it was also kinetic energy, gamma and x-rays (both are photons. . .massless) and even the energy of the sound waves.
Dinos 10 months ago
Your definition of 'Spiritual' agrees with my understanding of the term. I have not come across the OP's definition of it before, which sounds like 'super religious'.
Fejora 10 months ago
You dont have the slightest idea of what homophobia is...
Nigami 10 months ago
First of all, the word is "systematic", not "systemic". Second of all, where do you get the cockamamie idea that "reviews are the highest standard of evidence in SCIENCE"? Absurd.
Bakasa 9 months ago
To late! Lol
Kazrasar 9 months ago
Except we are specifically admonished in the New Testament to keep the Commandments, which are and were, specifically, understood to be the 10 received by Moses on the mountain.
JoJorr 9 months ago
Jesus sitting on the right hand of power? How do you conclude that two gods on two heavenly thrones is monotheism?
Gugal 9 months ago
Thank you, that was and is my hero
Aragore 9 months ago
The right, in their attempts to smear the Parkland activists, have "argued" that Gonzalez and other "cool kids" bullied the shooter.
Shazilkree 8 months ago
going to miss that show though they never explained why the devil had a British accent.
Zubei 8 months ago
Perhaps if you came with subtitles.
Neshura 8 months ago
He's a cheating husband. She cheated with a married man. To that extent, they're equally scumbags. How does she get to be a victim?
Maur 8 months ago
Hood rat, pavement ape, ferals, jigaboo.
Kazralabar 8 months ago
lots of relationships with one nice person, one nasty person are usually a person who wants a protector/bully to get things done, and do the dirty work. i agree with miss sass. when you scratch the surface, the "nice" one will often reveal them selves to be pretty nasty as well. the nice is just skin deep.
Tojazragore 7 months ago
SoS. Is ?I got? some form of
Kejar 7 months ago
You asked for it. Not me. I didn't vote for this circus.
Makasa 7 months ago
No, they're simply other forms of sensory perception, nothing extra about them.
Gakazahn 7 months ago
So: you would argue police should knock on the doors of Jewish homes and seize newborn babies from Jewish mothers?
Meztijinn 7 months ago
Thank you for coming to my defence. I do like to hold tits in my hands. However, I would never 'fap' to an innocent bird.
Moogucage 7 months ago
We already see the promising nature of dropping god it yields nothing but more unscrupulous opurtunist. And why should any individual break free from something enriching from within. The US hunted down and often murdered our spiritual leaders in our clans... stripped away our freedoms and granted it to others, men did that. And that god was the one who sent those to warns us long before the rest of the world was aware of us. We share enough in common to find a common thread. The old world drank deep into its own poison.
Taugrel 6 months ago
Who decides if one is ignorant?

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