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"It?s called Marxism . Ever hear of it?"

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Gokazahn 11 months ago
I guess you'll just have to pull up your big girl panties and deal with it. Not everyone agrees with you and that's just too damn bad. I'm gay and there are plenty of people on here who don't like me and are intolerant towards me about it. I guess the difference is that I don't make an OP a week in here whining about it.
Gakora 11 months ago
Totally. I'm not putting my vajayjay in harm's way.
Kakazahn 11 months ago
Aren't these the people that tortured the disabled boy?
Nicage 11 months ago
My daughter runs a convenience store...........and yes..........everything expired is to be thrown out....thrown out in ma cupboard!
Fejas 11 months ago
There was an article not long ago (a few weeks ago) about a man that had built his own rocket ship in his yard with which he was going to launch himself high enough to see whether or not the world was round. He had postponed his first launch and hadn't heard anything since. There is also The Flat Earth Society. On top of that, there are many religious organizations that demand we respect their beliefs while refuse to respect differing beliefs of anyone else.
Mejinn 11 months ago
Happy Casual Sex Friday Stinkerbutts! I'm still sexually frustrated thanks to our granddaughter sleeping in our bed with us. I went to court yesterday and naturally my stepdaughter and her punk a$$ boyfriend didn't show up. I have to go back to court June 21st. My husband and I took our granddaughter to get her shots and physical so she can go to daycare. The idiots at the clinic said that the paperwork from child services showing that our granddaughter is in our custody wasn't enough, so we showed them the restraining order against my stepdaughter. We also found out our granddaughter was five months behind getting her shots. If that's not neglect, I don't know what it is. My stepdaughter came to the house to take a shower and spend some time with her daughter. On a good note, it's a three day weekend. WOOHOO!! Now, I have to decide what I'm going to wear for the next 3 days. Damn, decisions, decisions.
Vokinos 11 months ago
It is a problem with division and animosity that is rampant currently.
Tozragore 11 months ago
It is for gays. It?s normal and acceptable.
Zulurn 10 months ago
The Universe is a week old. Everything before that is just false memories inserted into us like a computer program.
Garg 10 months ago
As your Prime Minister why he's destroyed Australia and why your deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce had to resign because he was a dual citizen which made you look like idiots throughout the world.
Brajora 10 months ago
So science knows very little about the universe and about life ultimately?
Akinris 10 months ago
The general point seems true but I'm not clear how it relates here?
Faegul 10 months ago
Let's get real:
Zulkijas 10 months ago
It can?t. You are really on to something flower. Now what is the author saying in the text?
Akicage 9 months ago
That's cool, I know you are a good person deep down so it really doesn't matter to me if your motivations are real or not. You act in this life as an agent of good and that is pretty good!
Kejind 9 months ago
It?s difficult to believe that homosexuals simply
Kazragul 9 months ago
It has not done much except look the other way. And it's only getting worse in good ol' secular UK.
Vokazahn 9 months ago
Her, I'm angry with Her.
Akinokasa 9 months ago
Kid, we created an economic boom from the trash you left us. Now you follow a professional troll who defends [email protected] and attacks private citizens. Your party is dead.
Mezigor 8 months ago
Their claims carry no weight, at least with those of us who see their conduct.
Fauran 8 months ago
Funny how you decry "your obvious deflection...." yet have not stated when the last time the US had 3.8% unemployment
Kilmaran 8 months ago
That is sad to hear. Members of my family was also present at that time, with one uncle killed in a train during an Allied air raid. My mother herself has difficulty around making the distinction between Hitler and non-Nazi Germany. Looking at how easily Americans are indoctrinated despite the widespread availability of education and resources, it becomes easier to understand how people in post-monarchical Germany had psychological difficulties knowing what to do in such a violent situation.
Tugore 8 months ago
Sanders is a Progressive Socialist. He is culturally Jewish but his zero religious ties to Judaism. He strongly supported the terrorist acts of the Palestinians against Israel.
Sara 8 months ago
"If a successful woman wants to date a guy who earns a lot less than she does, she going to have to do the asking."
Dousho 7 months ago
I don't know if that's really true. And I don't know that it isn't odd, either. And difficult to grasp? Eh...I dunno...
Arazuru 7 months ago
Under President Trump?s leadership, Congress passed historic tax cuts and relief for hard-working Americans. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act:
Juk 7 months ago
We 'impose' non-religious beliefs by passing constitutional laws through the democratic process. Religious beliefs not supported by laws are just 'opinions' and just like many things everyone has one and everyone has a right to point and laugh at the person's next to them.
Bak 7 months ago
You know..shame isn't always a bad thing.
Dokus 7 months ago
How is 7 - 2 a narrow holding?
Dailar 6 months ago
All scittush sheep racists are morons
Tet 6 months ago
I'm very suprised to not see the lesbian teacher getting more sympathy in the comments here. This does smack of discrimination and it's not as though the Catholic culture she was in was still opposed to her lifestyle. The article says other teachers attended in support and the parents are outraged. The current pope himself said it's not the church's business.
Yotaxe 6 months ago
Nah, we will use Obama's. Since we can not possibly pay back the deficit at this point why worry about it....
Shakabei 6 months ago
??? He can buy it himself with the money he's already "stolen".
Gromuro 6 months ago
I couldn't agree more.....! Those who believe in an all-powerful God should be shaking in their boots for their actions - according to the book they CLAIM to live by.
Shaktijar 5 months ago
Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you!

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