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"There's people I disagree with, and people who are just tedious. I try to make a distinction between the two."

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He immediately displayed a hurt look, so I quickly added, "No, no. She gave the hand signal for me to remove my coat, which I did. " As Lloyd and rachel discussed their plans, Hayden kept looking at Amy in an unusual way. As she moaned and cried, I realized that her tits were being punished rapidly and brutally.

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Maukus 7 months ago
Accepting that nothing cannot spontaneously move itself into something would also be progress...
Tygokinos 7 months ago
He said, ( none of us fought for a stupid song or flag),
Dogrel 7 months ago
It sounds like you need to work on your boundaries.
Zusho 6 months ago
Under a consumption tax? Not at all. It's a lot easier with people making a lot of money to not spend it (or to get it outside the country).
Kajilar 6 months ago
I hope the sarcasm got across.
Daijar 6 months ago
I agree about the homework so much. (No, not just because I?m a lazy b.u.m). Kids should be allowed to have enough time playing outside with friends, developing the
Vudosida 6 months ago
What a moron! Couldn't be bothered to read past the headline....thats a liberal for you.
Zusida 6 months ago
Write down a reminder to write it down.
Kajilkis 6 months ago
Can you point the way with factual evidence?
Batilar 6 months ago
And which one do you think I cling to?
Gugami 6 months ago
What kind of self-hatred is demanded to maintain a religion that thinks you're an abomination that should be murdered for who you love?
Vudogar 6 months ago
I am still waiting for you to reply to my rant about the NDP rabble rousers that Andrea refuses to fire.....She would only lose about 8 candidates if she did the right thing.
Katilar 5 months ago
Someone else had that happen to them too. But I'm sorry to hear it, I enjoyed your posts :)
Gardajora 5 months ago
From what I understand, the Colorado baker offered exactly that. He turned them down because of what they wanted him to write on the cake. Specific art. He would have gladly sold them a cake, decorated, without that.
Zutaxe 5 months ago
I remember the first time some guy sliced it. Historic.
Felmaran 5 months ago
So those religious racist bigots of 60 years ago were right when they screamed for the black folks to get the hell out of their diners, stores, schools, and hospitals?
Brazuru 4 months ago
If a semi-literate moron can claim to have written The Art of the Deal, anybody can write anything.
Samuk 4 months ago
Lots of stuff but you have come up with no mechanism for the supernatural affecting the natural world... At best is all physical.. it would help to know what this so called supernature is before claiming any effects.. don't you think?
Yogul 4 months ago
Agree. The question is now if it is worth pursuing?
Fenrira 4 months ago
If your female coworkers want a male-free space, they should have signed up at a women-only kickboxing class or gym.
Grodal 4 months ago
I would recommend you go through what Jesus went through before you say he sacrificed nothing
Tuzahn 4 months ago
Every individual is responsible to know the truth as best they can. Ignorance should never be allowed or left without criticism. In 1994 I started a serious look at evolution and wrote many scientists, Nobel Laureates about God and evolution and after I was done, I was shocked how little evidence there is that supports evolution. I suppose Stephen Jay Gould of Harvard (now dead) sums up the problem, there will never be found missing links in the fossil record . He latter changed this comment because he was attacked by both evolutionists and creationists but Gould was right. As a Christian, I say there will never be found any missing links in the fossil evidence because there is none.
Zulubei 4 months ago
It doesn't make any difference. They were both wrong.
Sakus 4 months ago
Between Abraham the first supposed Monotheist of the Hebrews and their adoption of monotheism.
Kit 3 months ago
Shush! A girl can dream! ??
Meztisida 3 months ago
So what? They were a Christian organization. And since you seem to be so interested in time frames, please, tell us how many Democrats there are in the Klan now.
Samuzragore 3 months ago
You mean the ice age? That one?
Mezikora 3 months ago
And...What do you think about these growth scenarios?
Goltitilar 3 months ago
Yes it I really a crime the way they can ruin lives,
Nalrajas 3 months ago
bootie rockin everywhere,amirite?
Gogul 2 months ago
That's what God wanted. He's God. Go argue with Him.

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