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569 21:011 year ago

"They got sued for doing their job?"

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50 Year Old gets cum on tits

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Mazule 1 year ago
False. Congress can remove areas of law from the control of the Supreme Court. False.
Dor 11 months ago
There's definitely a gray area. I remember in college just 1 decade ago female friends advised me that if there's a girl I like I should just wait for a certain "mood" and then initiate physical contact and not ask permission because that would be a moodkiller. Again this was female friends advising that. We ought to all be able to agree that there are gray areas like this, and that ambiguity is traceable to both male and female uncertainty about what things are "supposed" to be like.
Vudojora 11 months ago
I know, was thinking perhaps if there are consequences for owners of guns, even if they don't pull the trigger. But that could spiral out of control... my car was stolen and used in robberies... should I be charged with robbery? Yeah, not feasible.. was drunk when I wrote this.
Nilrajas 11 months ago
Say no more fam...
Sagis 11 months ago
.... moving in mysterious ways.
Akilkree 10 months ago
The videos of dog owners finding their lost pets in shelters.
Vudogor 10 months ago
How do you know?
Mauktilar 10 months ago
No, ESP has been tested and found wanting, rendering it a failure.
Vozshura 10 months ago
Actually it's a Africa thing since cobalt is only found in Africa... And who did whites get it from? Africans.
Vuran 10 months ago
That's truly a shame. And NO this isn't an endorsement of slavery but an endorsement of our unique American history.
Virn 10 months ago
I see you adding comments with your own brand of absurdity. I was never taught in school that "science has refuted religion". I wasn't taught about evolution myself, but I didn't take biology in high school.
Shajar 9 months ago
Any religions that celebrates human sacrifice, is barbaric. Even if Christianity was less barbaric than some of the Western religions, does not mean it was not barbaric.
Jugis 9 months ago
Serious question here, so those in the know, please help me out:
Yozshukree 9 months ago
In the beginning God set up a plan, it had not been implemented, so it was all still potential, and me, I hate working in the dark.
JoJom 9 months ago
I sure you have a perfectly reasonable
Shaktikasa 9 months ago
Same. I've realized if I ever become a parent I'm going to have difficulty even showing 'tough love' because everything in me screams to treat them tenderly and be understanding of all they don't know yet. It takes a special kind of monster to have the capacity to abuse a child.
Dojar 9 months ago
I second that i thought it was just a little ridiculous to say the least its a hockey game not Disney World ......
Samuran 8 months ago
Bible doesn?t say the earth is flat
Gubar 8 months ago
When the church is largely backwards on many positions then it?s nit going to move the world.
Kajill 8 months ago
Millennial are still waiting for theyre uber or grab to drive them in theyre poll
Tell 8 months ago
"Some People Are Troubled by the Things in the Bible They Can?t Understand. The Things That Trouble Me Are the Things I Can Understand." Mark Twain
Mezijar 8 months ago
neither gradualism nor natural selection is doubtful, so your conclusion is flawed. there are no such thing as "kinds". there 100% certainly was no such thing as the "biblical ark". you being someone who clearly doesn't understand evolutionary biology, you might consider speaking less on the subject, or learning more at least.
Mikalrajas 8 months ago
It makes zero sense.
Doucage 7 months ago
At least dude is trying.
Zulular 7 months ago
I guess the scientists working on this don't know what they're talking about, and you know better? |-D
Zulkirr 7 months ago
Do you want me to start or finish with the 1050 democratic seats you guys have lost since Obamacare was passed??? And NOT won back?!
Vor 7 months ago
When folks consider the fact that nearly 3 million jobs have been created since President Trump took office, they are rightly nervous to give House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., the chance to once again become speaker of the House with a Democratic majority.
Taukora 6 months ago
Those damn attention whores. A pox on them!
Mojas 6 months ago
That kind of person should be locked away.

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