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Daijora 1 year ago
Thank you for sharing your thoughts there, Clarence.
Toramar 1 year ago
I have a huge problem with the term 'forced'. Where you force, you deny liberty and that is why there is a bill of rights in the first place.
Mikajinn 11 months ago
Nope. It's necessary. In a way this is my confessional. I know I did wrong. I just have to figure out why I'm being such a sh*thead.
Mekora 11 months ago
Personalities, dress codes or none, groups available, how they do church, big/small, disc golf/no disc golf, introvert/extrovert pastor, lots of things. A specific belief here or there might change a mind, but it's many things.
Gok 11 months ago
The questions can be answered individually.
Kagataxe 11 months ago
I'd say Mormonism has more evidence than Christianity simply because it's a younger religion. Then again, that evidence points to Joseph Smith being a con-artist and a liar, but it's more evidence than there is for the resurrection of Jesus. For the resurrection all you have are more claims that it happened. Zero testable evidence.
Zulusida 11 months ago
Now it?s an embarrassing mess
Mogrel 10 months ago
Wow, that is a very specific compliant.
Zuhn 10 months ago
Ontario has historically been both a mining and a manufacturing province; those industries employed millions and brought great wealth and general prosperity. Both required a mild, if not somnolent, bureaucracy. Manufacturing also required, and lived off, low-cost electricity.
Vomi 10 months ago
I said "some" not "all"...
Tojaktilar 10 months ago
you can do a quick google image search of 19th century political cartoons regarding the italian and irish immigrants to see many, many depictions of the newcomers as terrorists from a foreign and dangerous religion. no joke
Teshura 10 months ago
Okay, keep the argument on the non-disabled. By the time you get down to the disabled population, the number is really really small. The left loves to toss the lazy, greedy, and stupid in with the disabled and the temporarily poor to get the bigger number. They are not equal.
Akinoshakar 10 months ago
I don?t know if blame and praise are ever deserved, tbh. ??
Voramar 10 months ago
I think we just found a place to send 15 million illegals.
Dugis 9 months ago
Science, Education, Charity, Healthcare, ending slavery. None of those are specifics and Christianity had a hand in all of it. Now do you have something specifically in anyone of those fields?
Vudoramar 9 months ago
So what would be the evidence that something was designed? Let's take the keyboard you're typing on. Was it designed? How do you know? (And please, be honest here, don't tell me lies like "I could find the designer")
Nigore 9 months ago
Appointed by whom? Appointed by what?
Dudal 9 months ago
I was a christian for 35 years. Even as a christian I always wondered, really? the only way to help us is by drowning babies?
Fejas 9 months ago
Gods have shapes? haha
Moogull 8 months ago
Seems like an appropriate place for his tattoo he seems like a full blown idiot.
Bazilkree 8 months ago
Obviously, the dictionary may define what it seems to be, yet, it lacks in the emotions that allow beauty to be expressed within one, essential, emotions.
Tojalrajas 8 months ago
You are born with 'free will', is that sin?
Metaur 8 months ago
Yep. Agree. It is a step by step Replacement as every person accepts the better Reality in Jesus vs his own. And in this case it is the Replacement of the last to walk totally in the Life of Jesus. This is the second coming and a possibility for any Child who reach Maturity in Christ. This is desired because then the Kingdom Ruling is manifested on earth. And the earth sure needs it right now before human selfish, unwise ruling is totally destroying it. So "Oh Yeah" should rather cheer us on because there lies the future of this planet and his too.
Mukazahn 8 months ago
I still am lol
Vudot 8 months ago
There is a difference between being religious and being a Christian. The terms are NOT synonymous; however, no, being a Christion doesn't mean that you don't sin. The severity of the sin is much less. A Christian, for example (a true Christian, not one who pays lip service) would not commit premeditated murder. They might, accidentally shoot someone.
Kak 7 months ago
omg this woman. "I did four start-ups and home-school all my children. There's no excuse for being a lazy public school parent."
Gardashicage 7 months ago
"I was doing time in the universal mind
Fenrigrel 7 months ago
Welcome to Love Stinks Adams's. Please read the community guidelines and enjoy your stay.
Kigazilkree 7 months ago
You trying to set a record for the most moronic posts in one week?
Kigakasa 7 months ago
LOL, Rockolla does seem to have a bit of a bromance with Trudeau going... I wonder if Trudeau knows.
Moogusho 7 months ago
A short question: who are the fittest if not those who survive?
Ditilar 7 months ago
Momma didn't raise no fool. Leave him where he stands.
Niramar 6 months ago
YES... sigh :[ I can't deal still crying two years later. Lol still crying over MJ nine years later smh.
Terr 6 months ago
Test the prophecy in it

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