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"You have to shave off a lot of context and words to create a phrase you can sell to make anyone think a Christian is supposed to harm someone."

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Akirr 10 months ago
YOU seem to miss the whole point of this discussion. Yes, YOU have every right to practice your religion as you see fit. You can believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or a rock as your supreme being. What you do NOT have a right to do is force your religious belief or practice upon another person, or make your religious belief or practice as law.
Tygonos 10 months ago
It was likely not in the Woman's Job description that she would be required to Shave/Wax a Man's Nether Regions pal. If the Woman had been told upfront that she would be required to do this should the need arise, she likely would not have accepted the job. Just because you are OK with your spouse Shaving Male Nether Regions doesn't make it acceptable in any way, shape or form.
Bale 10 months ago
And yet here you are quoting I said, Everyone is a "follower". The last meme being quite insidious as it implies that I have "issues". I did not once attack you. I made a truthful statement. Yet you chose to use an anonymous meme to declare that I have "issues".
Mauzshura 10 months ago
From 'Leon the Professional'? great movie!
Bralkis 10 months ago
I got back together with my ex from 7th grade and we're doing alright :-D
Dalkree 10 months ago
DAMMIT ALAN! I'm not crying YOUR crying!!!!!
Faull 10 months ago
If there is one thing hipsters hate its being called a hipster
Gojinn 9 months ago
Sensible way to take it forward.
Vusar 9 months ago
It is important to remember that there isn't a shred of evidence that Muhammad or his flying winged horse ever existed either. I don't know why people don't just look into the story. You'll find exactly the same thing if you look for Moses, Jesus, David, Solomon... Not a thing
Melmaran 9 months ago
Venezuela is 100% socialist. Are you looking for a mix of socialism or pure socialism?
Kazim 9 months ago
I'd say that depends on whether the individual parent's IQ is 2 or 3 digits. See, intelligent people are concerned with what makes the child want to shoot up his school. Intelligent people know the gun didn't cause it.
Tum 9 months ago
Answer me this. How come your god commanded women only who were not virgins on their wedding night to be put to death. How come he did not also command men who were not virgins on their wedding night to be put to death?
Meztisida 8 months ago
Gawd I hope so.
Zuk 8 months ago
Ugh....another school shooting, high school in texas????
Gardajind 8 months ago
I never said it didn't. I said "Businesses SHOULD BE ABLE TO..." Feel free to continue living in the past, tho. How progressive!
Zulujinn 8 months ago
Creationism 0? How do you figure?
Shagor 8 months ago
I admire you greatly and so to disagree with you is problematic for me but I'm not sure that the 'not all Christians' argument is workable.
Shakagami 7 months ago
Good morning ca.....
Kibei 7 months ago
I want to make a small distinctinction that is significant though I think. I think it's important to distinguish being saved by faith in Jesus and being saved through following Jesus' teachings. A key point in Protestantism is salvation through faith <alone> and not through works or even a combination of faith and works. This does not in any way absolve us from following Jesus' teachings of course. But this follows from faith and salvation, it does not precede it. The thief on the cross produced no fruit of works, but it was his mere faith that led Jesus to say that he would be with him.
Mira 7 months ago
It does not appear to be a gas cannister or even a thermite grenade. It does appear to be a MK2 or M26 from the shape and visible contours...both of which are fragmentation ordinance. Of course, I can only base this on my quarter century of military experience...
Nikom 7 months ago
I think the value of faith has never changed since the first "bended knee". For some it is the driver to being good not. Rather than being good based on its own merit it is based on the notion that "someone is watching me" so I better be good.
Mezisho 6 months ago
Its already taken over universities...
JoJozshura 6 months ago
So, in response to the thread, you are stating that "evidence" would be a necessary timeline as the main contributor to your conscious awareness of faith, if it were that you believed in God, and until such time, evidence would still be on the agenda?
Fauhn 6 months ago
California billionaire Tom Steyer has been running televisions all over the country calling for Trump's impeachment! Far left demoRAT Congresswomen WACKO Maxine Waters has been screaming impeachment on the House floor!
Fezragore 6 months ago
See my reply below. Too much typing.
Kazikree 6 months ago
Awwkaay. I give. But I may come back to this someday again.
Samukazahn 6 months ago
privilege and discrimination works down, not up
Tolrajas 6 months ago
Give it time... some lefty idiot will try to make the case.

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