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" knock out someone's teeth because they lied? lol awesome."

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Vocage 10 months ago
It seems you also do not understand what an "opinion" is.
Tygogor 10 months ago
Fair enough.Yes, some mythicists are just spreading their beliefs after reading other mythicists.
Nikotaur 10 months ago
Still trying to debate the guy openly trolling you huh?
Fenrigal 10 months ago
OK - I can admit that I have beliefs of righteous living. What facts do you suppose I am ignoring?
Negis 9 months ago
hmm... ok. i see your point of view.
Kazisida 9 months ago
I feel like we're ripe for a 'what is body shaming' thread :) It has been so long.
Zolozil 9 months ago
Blake Lively was beautiful
Arashijora 9 months ago
I can see both sides of this. What's problematic to me is that we don't hear the perspective of the student in the video.
Kajizil 8 months ago
My ex would always be like "what are you gonna do when the sh*t hits the fan and things fall apart? You're gonna get raped and murdered by a bunch of heathens bc you have no guns to protect yourself."
Aracage 8 months ago
I cheated when I wanted out. It was a way to make he leave.
Mezilabar 8 months ago
Eh.. I'm gonna pass. I'm still more than a little bitter, and it would strain my civility.
Kigakus 8 months ago
OH yeah the airbnb one. Also can't forget the #couponingwhileblack incident.
Gardashura 8 months ago
It was a moot question , I just merely took a stab at it ....................
Misho 7 months ago
Again, what design or logo did this couple request on the cake that this homophobic bigot objected to?
Fenrigrel 7 months ago
i think it goes back to reagan.

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