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"A lot of these folks are just as classy when they are winning as they were when they were losing. :)"

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Meztirg 1 year ago
The Jews will certainly will not see support from the Keith Ellison's and the Bernie Sanders types of the American left. It was interesting that an Obama picture with Lewis Farrakhan was buried until he left office.
Fenrirn 1 year ago
AW da poor widdle ragheaded son of a bitch...
Guzshura 1 year ago
I'm an atheist and I use the bible as my guide of measure. Want me to believe? Then do the proofs that were done in the bible. Easy peasy.
Ter 1 year ago
If visa overstays were tracked down and prosecuted, like they are in many countries, that flow would slow to a trickle as well.
Nijin 1 year ago
LOL. Can't defend, so ignore the question. You are a troll.
Nabei 1 year ago
No, that is what Shawsy does. That is what you do. I have given you examples. Just further proof of your self obliviousness.
Vibei 1 year ago
I mean people don't just do this about miscarriages. I had a friend ask me not to mention father's day on father's day because her dad died.
Vosho 1 year ago
It seems odd to me that all forms of female and male genital mutilation on those who cannot consent are not considered criminal acts, and have historically not been prosecuted.
Taura 1 year ago
Uncle Screwtape, I absolutely believe it, I know it to be true.
Mubar 11 months ago
I am 62 and I can tell you that many things were far better then. Yes some things have improved, but many have got far worse.
Kigazil 11 months ago
This may come as a surprise but it is not uncommon for a president to attack the Supreme card.
Yozshushicage 11 months ago
And you do, or believe you do.
Meztigrel 11 months ago
That's what they said 20 years ago. They're still wrong.
Goltimuro 11 months ago
I have no desire to contribute to your phony pretense of intellect. I would only encourage you to use your brain for something other than blasting profanity. If I detected a semblance of intelligent life, I would be happy to respond. Meantime, while you're extolling science over theosophy, you might share your proof for how scientifically or objectively to derive ought from is. Maybe start with Wikipedia. Show some comprehension, then get back to me.
Motaur 11 months ago
Hey... every now and then I'm the fish. Today: I'm the gun-wielding barrel-owner!
Zolobei 11 months ago
It does. It gives me something to think about. Sometimes I wish that I was born with that desire, but not usually. :-)
Mikaktilar 10 months ago
I love logic I also can connect god to math through the numbers.
Meshicage 10 months ago
got it in an email from a friend...there's no way i'd spread spam!!!
Taugal 10 months ago
Here is what I love about judgmental Christians. Our god can judge you, we can judge you, but you cannot judge our god or us.
Yoshakar 10 months ago
Man is superior to gods because man is real and gods are just myth.
Gotaur 10 months ago
Duchesseseseses don't take breaks!
Gazuru 9 months ago
pride that when the blm'ers and the rump rangers demand heterosexuals pay for they're gay month of frolicking in public?
JoJozragore 9 months ago
For all we know, the student is couch surfing because they are homeless.
Akinokree 9 months ago
Who discovered relativity then?
Akisida 9 months ago
How are you screwing up such elementary details about the plot if you've read it?
Nirn 8 months ago
I can agree with that.
Bashakar 8 months ago
So for the past hundreds of years, who has called the national anthem problematic?
Yozshuk 8 months ago
There is nothing special in the universe. The universe itself is not special. Nature is nothing but an amalgam of mindless cycles of force. The cosmos is not sentient - not even of itself. The universe does not have, and is incapable of having, a point of view about itself or about any of its parts. In that respect, the cosmos resembles H.P. Lovecraft's blind idiot god, Azathoth.
Goshura 8 months ago
It's the last thing he has to worry about. Dating is exhausting.
JoJot 8 months ago
Logical ! ?? ?? ??
Tygogrel 7 months ago
OMG so you are a mind reader. Funny how anecdotal evidence is never accepted as demonstrable reason.
Kajidal 7 months ago
Anyone voting for Ford, has no brains.
Aram 7 months ago
I think you could use another boss.

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