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"Hey, I don't know zilch, but you might Google Lawrence Krauss about"


" I gotta tell you something but don't tell my mum " i said " Okay yeah tell me anything " " Well few weeks ago my mum was at work till 10 and her boyfriend was baby sitting me and we we're kinda flirting around and started asking me all this questions like if had lost my virginity " " Have you?.

"Now we're equal eh?" Julie said. I tried to push our conversation to the back of my head for the rest of the morning but I just couldn't.


She hadn't passed a single house. As I was leaving I saw Michelle sucking her husbands cock again getting him in the mood. I nodded again and couldn't do else but being impressed by her great sense of humor and its combination with her bare erotic aura.

She took several others, all of them made Pierce look like he was doing it by his own will, as Amy's hand wasn't in any of them, however, much to WIll's dismay, he was captured in the multiple pictures Rachel took of him and Pierce.

I stood there in shock as she rinsed off the soap and then turned around to face me. as she started to bounce on my cock, I pushed back, getting deep with every stroke making her squeal.

"Listen I'm going to call Roger and while I'm talking to him I want you to fuck me OK?" "OK" said Timmy without a thought. After the eicks cleaned her' they went back to their tables for food and drinks.

He kissed her lips. Her sandals made her legs look so tan, so naked. The head of my cock forced her ass open and I poised on the precipice; holding back. " Kelli says. For months now, she had raised the occasional question, the probing inquiry.

"I Hothie it," she mumbled.

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Bagore 1 year ago
Oh, even if it's relatively easy, I'd be swearing. I have a knack for causing my own problems. I will buy everything I need for a project except that one fitting and there won't be an easy way to get from the one side of one fitting to the necessary fitting on the other side, or I'll get the right fitting, but the old fitting that needs to come out will be corroded to the point of self destruction
Gocage 1 year ago
If it comes from this God/Jesus of yours, it's subjective.
Zulkim 1 year ago
Well, there?s one author ?attesting? to HP, so that?s not actually well attested. And it?s not really attesting in that sense anyway, since she?s making no claim that HP was an actual historical person.
Nikotaxe 1 year ago
no flutes were involved. =P
Dailkis 1 year ago
Not at all...jut pointing out that all positions on the matter require some degree of subjectivity, presupposition, or interpretation. SOME, not all, but SOME atheist assert theirs is a position based purely on empirical evidence. That is simply not true.
Zolojora 11 months ago
What does it mean?
Faerr 11 months ago
You too. Good night, to your moon.
Nasar 11 months ago
I have clearly won this argument as you have no point to make apart from making nasty comments about people you don't know .. which is very un christian in my view ...
Jurn 11 months ago
Can you make a post about this? I'd really love to know more!!
Bagal 11 months ago
You need to stop believing in bronze-age mythology.
Kigalkree 11 months ago
If they both lost control and both neglected to use birth control, I don?t see how anyone was trapped by someone else. It?s just a consequence of poor decisions.
Golmaran 10 months ago
Especially accurate where genesis claims god created a formless earth (which god never claims to form because god thought the earth was flat and not a sphere), sun, and moon but no other planets and moons, asteroids, comets, dark matter/energy, gas clouds, gravity, the weak and strong nuclear forces, magnetism, or time. Clearly, the Buybull belongs in the astronomy/cosmology classrooms.
Kazigrel 10 months ago
Thought experiment. Buy a $12000 car on payments. call it $400 a month. You pay on it for 4 years, spending a total of $19200. at the end of the note you have a car that is worth maybe $3000. Or, buy a $2000 car for cash, and pay yourself the $400 payment. At the end of 3 years you have a car you can sell for 1000 and put it with what you saved, and drive off the lot with a $15,400 car. Stretch that another year and you are driving away in a $20k car. That's a 2014 Camaro SS around here. One that cannot be repossessed if you lose your job.
Akinoktilar 10 months ago
All I'm asking is how can anything needing a cause exist without a first cause that is uncaused?
Mikara 9 months ago
But by very definition one can only be deemed a racist if those actions are performed to assign said label. If you never do anything with those thoughts and such, you aren't labeled a racist. That is the nexus of this entire argument. To give you an example, if someone 'thinks' that children are sexually attractive and then broadcasts that desire on a public forum... Sure, they haven't performed any action that is par for discriminatory action technically. But you see how long they'll keep a job if they are interacting with children say as a teacher, day care attendant, or pediatrician etc where the main clientele is children. That is the same proponent when it comes to racism. If you are THINKING horrible thoughts about a group of people, you probably shouldn't be put in a position where how you think has the potential to harm them, impede their progress [say if you work in a corporate setting], or otherwise negatively affect their lives. This is what employers have to think about. If you work at Urban Outfitters and you happen to strip on a pole to make ends meet, because that action normally does not affect how you may view customers or how you interact with your coworkers, it is asinine to me to compare racism to something like homosexuality and/or stripping. Namely, I agree to a degree with your viewpoint, however, like most things in life, it's not a black/white scenario across the board.
Faejora 9 months ago
Only if the grow in the yard. I am a very expensive nut.
Mirg 9 months ago
LOL, I gave you the data from the UK?s Office of National Statistics.
Samurr 9 months ago
NO, Trump stuff played a huge role, he was the pick of the KKK after all. I know at lest 4 times someone in Trump Gear or with a Trump sticker called my wife the N word
Kagor 9 months ago
Your comment is also false. If your evidence is written, then it can be true or false. Since your evidence is merely someone's incorrect opinion, it can also be false, which it is.
Malazilkree 9 months ago
Congress can limit the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.
Maubei 9 months ago
LOL...told you it was time for you to run. One thing I know about you ignorant, racist white supremacist. You have a lot of racist sh t to say until confronted with facts. Then you run like cowards because you cannot refute the truth. Insulting me wont make you any less stupid. Checkmate clown.
Fegami 9 months ago
The democrat party was done in by their own voter fraud schemes.
Vular 8 months ago
Lol I don't know what htat is.
Dojas 8 months ago
there will never be a major war fought between world superpowers again in our lifetime because they all fear and respect the US military.
Arashizragore 8 months ago
"we'll be late for tomorrow"
Tabar 8 months ago
Fair enough and a valid point.

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