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"Evolution doesn't happen at all, and never did. Speciation is NOT evolution."

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She entered the room and Millers was in a designed chair. You can't do this in front of them. I could hear the sound of him spitting and was sure he had spitted in the boys mouth. It's about a 3 and 12 hour trip from the place I live in California so whenever I go to Vegas, I usually choose to drive and avoid the hassles of the airport and on this trip it was added bonus to get paid for the mileage.

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each times I shot another huge round of thick hot cum into her. Now what. '" I explain as my wife looks at me " He will honey and I know xenial eyes will help his shine again as she helps me never forget his eyes.

It wasn't titled so I figured it was some commercial thing. Her name was Libby,she was a senior too, and she had an awesome body.

He slowly turned his head and looked at me. She was going wild and I was amazed she was cumming so quickly. Pss. Mike didn't let her suck long in fear of blowing his load.

I reached up and squeezed her tits, playing with the nipples as i flicked my tongue rapidly over her denisl clit. I gave her the first bag. I fell backwards on the floor, with the taste, trying to swallow as much as I could.

All the love and pleasure she'd felt from the serotonin shock of MDMA backfired now, making her feel wistless and empty.

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Fenrir 1 year ago
I agree with feeling empathy for the individual persons. What I think is funny is how we so commonly use opposing pronouns with the noun in the sentence. The English in how we speak today is funny to me. That is why I simply quoted the odd sentences phrases with an amusement emojoi.
Jujinn 1 year ago
Lol, if being in a state of complete delusion of reality is your thing and it?s working for you. Stay on that train but even train tracks end at some point.
Gudal 1 year ago
I wish I did. I'm no expert. Mine just has always loved getting outside and going on long walks. I keep her leashed and I think that keeps her focused on the walk. If I didn't I think she'd be stopping to sniff everything or going up to people. And I make sure she does her business beforehand.
Mik 11 months ago
what evidence, and what wisdom exactly are you addressing? do you mean his actual wisdom or the collection of stories sometimes referred to as the "wisdom of Solomon"? I think the question I would counter you with, is: what specifically do you think is so wise? wise beyond our current capacity?
Fesar 11 months ago
lol. I really love reading your posts--extremely humorous.
Bazahn 11 months ago
We had a good discussion about this about a month ago. "Why didn't Buddhism go West."
Fenrit 11 months ago
Either that or an intentionally-spread lie by the leprechauns. Have you read Artemis Fowl?
Dulkis 11 months ago
Lol when she tries to shake it like Rih Rih.
Dihn 11 months ago
I used to worry about it, people having more than 2 kids (and I'm the biggest hippie ever, I try to recycle and reuse everything I can - the only place I won't go is reusable toilet paper - yes, that's a thing, look it up). This comes from my belief that overpopulation is a big factor in many of the world's problems.
Mikar 10 months ago
I can agree with that.
Kinris 10 months ago
Waiting for you to explain why its problematic.
Mikalkree 10 months ago
You had your chance, too.
Faukora 10 months ago
Staying away from the use of the term 'co-morbidity' as homosexuality is not a mental illness. However, homosexuals do tend to have higher levels of anxiety/depression, primarily related to the reaction of society to their sexual orientation
Akinotaur 9 months ago
For as weak as you are, I'm really impressed you haven't killed yourself. Kudos for you princess. Although, if you really want to be heard and make a statement, you should hold a sign for gun control on a courthouse steps and shoot yourself. Then someone might take your words seriously.
Malakasa 9 months ago
But like I said: theology is a type of philosophy.
Faejora 9 months ago
Actually, there aren't.
Sakinos 9 months ago
Folk are always telling me what I am and think. I just ignore it
Doumuro 8 months ago
So if I throw a stone at you and step into a getaway car that is waiting, this is golden?
Samurisar 8 months ago
Of all the CO2 in the atmosphere, only 4% comes from human activity. So of the current 400ppm, only 16ppm is man. That's all. Of the 2ppm increase every year, only 0.08ppm is from man. So if 96% of the CO2 increase is natural, how is it all man's fault?
Arasar 8 months ago
This information did not come from me but a high ranking member of the LDS.
Gronris 8 months ago
Nobody should ever cave to the threats made by Islamic radicals aka Palestinians
Yodal 8 months ago
I believe there is strong scholarship supporting the view of Jesus being an apocalyptic prophet. Considering the Zealots like Judas of Galilee, who attempted a revolt against Rome, and one sees how dire at least some segment of the population of Judea felt with foreign occupation of their land.

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