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"Past Boston? Without LeBron? Yo put the controller down"

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Super Cute Bibi gets her Mouth full of Cum - German Goo Girls

" Keenan says as I start to strike it. She stroked through the curls and brushed my pussy. her friend says " Wow that would've been amazing " " Clara says. He looked up. "Oh my God, Babe!" Ellie exhaled. She was trembling when we left the toilet. I think you might have gotten me pregnant!" As I watched, her breasts slowly got bigger.

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Faetaur 1 year ago
I'm not one for grammar when typing. Substance over small details. Surprised I'm capitalizing things today.
Zulkilmaran 1 year ago
via Wiki - Liberalism is a political view based on liberty and equality.
Vishura 1 year ago
Kagaktilar 1 year ago
What's the fact, that a black youth would be called a thug by conservatives, just like PuzzyGrabber Trump calls immigrants "rapists"??
Kajikora 1 year ago
There was never such a rule (afaik). The rules concerning links in OPs are: don't encapsulate them in HTML-tags (so the source is clear at first sight), don't link to other discussions (no "drive-by" OPs), don't make the contend of the link the entire OP. An OP should be clear without external information. Who wishes so can use the link but it shouldn't be "required reading". And last but not least: don't try to use an OP to promote your (or your friends) blog. This and dubious sites that trigger the virus scanner will get your OP removed, the other offences may just end in a request to reformulate, all at the mods discretion. Not all of these rules are in the book.
Kajikus 1 year ago
I'll tell ya what. Since it was in direct response to Uncle Screwtape's statement, when he steps up and owns his factually incorrect statement, I'll do in kind...we'll keep the apologies to the order the mistakes came in, shall we?
Yozshura 11 months ago
I am not white.
Takinos 11 months ago
You know Paul who started the cult and claimed to know Jesus's brother. Wow. That really makes the whole story true.
Gazil 11 months ago
^^^^^^^TARD = Trump Acceptance Resistance Dementia
Mejind 11 months ago
Victims should be considered '2nd Amendment Martyrs'
Kajiktilar 11 months ago
The woman quite rightly said:
Akinocage 11 months ago
Because being bad feels good to some people.
Kazirg 10 months ago
Now that's what I call a supersized cup of Kool Aid!
Arajinn 10 months ago
Please elaborate on God's failure. I am curious to understand what you are talking about.
Kigahn 10 months ago
"Most Christians were brought up to believe that God created Adam on the first day" Where did you get that idea. If anything Adam and Eve as man and woman would have been created on day 6. See chapter one of Genesis. However, the first chapter really talks about the original creation and the creation of all the men and women that were created on Earth. Adam and Eve were created in the Garden which was not on Earth. They were created after in chapter two. I look at Adam and Eve as the precursor to the Jewish people as the old testament is all about the adventures that lead to them coming into the Promised Land.
Fenrikasa 10 months ago
Context, my friend.
Sagal 10 months ago
No, just the opposite. You become aware of God only if he doesn't do everything. So a god who helps in one way but not another is the only god you could know of.
Tygojar 9 months ago
It's mental illness combined with a lack of social skills. The Venn diagram for those with poorly developed social skills and incels is basically a circle. Instead of saying "Why won't women date me?", the question young men need to ask themselves is, "What do I have to do to become a man women want to date."
Danris 9 months ago
We can't know from empirical science what is morally right or wrong. That doesn't tell me that we should discard morality.
Voodookus 9 months ago
He was good for a gaffe a minute today.
Zulkikree 9 months ago
First, I am so sorry you had to deal with that. That sounds awful. Secondly, it obviously upset you so I think you should tell your boyfriend. Mostly because that's what he is there for, right?

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