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"Not to mention the erased hard-drives."


After inviting over, Nate excitedly agreed and said he'd bring over a six-pack of beer if I bought the pizza. "You can try on whatever you want, but there is just one condition. I looked up to the wall clock and panicked when I saw what time it was.

But I usually did it with girls my own age, people I could talk to and have a lot of fun with. It didn't take him long to notice my precum ready to stretch from the tip of my cock towards the floor. We froze because she came back into the room with a chest of Toys.

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Nakazahn 11 months ago
Toronto has been a crap hole for over 15 yrs, and it will only get worse.
Tygozahn 11 months ago
"For instance, science is not the correct paradigm to rule out the theory that the universe was created five minutes ago, since that is a metaphysical model. It also is not equipped to rule out creation 6020 years ago, for the same reason. Nor a worldwide Flood, the Cartesian super deceiver, changed rates of radioactive decay, etc." - can you prove the metaphysical exist. Ad what evidence do you have tha theearct is 600 years old?
Dasar 11 months ago
Why? Morality itself would, and does exist. It would also change over time - which is precisely what we observe.
Mikabar 10 months ago
You joke, I take it.
Meztirn 10 months ago
If its her body. At what point does it become the public's business. Morality is relevant. What makes you think that YOUR MORALITY applies to someone else's life?
Doll 10 months ago
The marmite thing was more of a mockery it seemed than a real discussion, it would have been nothing but inflamatory. So we shut it down.
Mikar 10 months ago
LOL thanks;) Express always seems to stock some sort of sparkly mini. I have two different ones from them bought several years apart. Sparkly mini never dies apparently.
Fenrirr 10 months ago
That and you have to realize that Christianity isn't just the cherry picked good quotes. It is the whole religion. Some good. Some bad. Nothing special about it to make up for the bad. Much was taken from prior cultures.
Fauk 10 months ago
There's plenty more info on the web than presented here. The two victims are identified, the girl in the pic being one of them. She was shot 7 times. This was a lazy effort to inform and confused commenters about who the victims were.
Kazinris 10 months ago
money. or 15 minutes of fame.
Zuran 10 months ago
Eh religion has been used like that, sure. Its been used to attack me as well, but it need not be used that way.
Faudal 9 months ago
Each sect does not. Especially based on the above and your own comment.
Kikree 9 months ago
Lol! This should have had more upvotes : ) Reminds me of a favorite Calvin and Hobbes:
Vokree 9 months ago
Snoobery is on the rise in general. I think it goes hand in hand with the rise in narcissism that accompanied the growing popularity of social media.
Mauzragore 9 months ago
Sigh...I don't know how these people live with themselves...
Malarr 8 months ago
US Prison population
Mezijind 8 months ago
No, sorry!! He has told us about HImself. Hurt me some more! lol!
Samusida 8 months ago
The problem is that YOU are lying. I DO let people live as they want to do. When, however, they come to this or any blog I frequent, I point out errors in their thinking, and tell them the truth of the Gospel. I also point out when they are lying as YOU are lying right now. Because I DO know a lot about it. That you know nothing about it is your own fault and yours alone.
Vijind 8 months ago
Holy shit! That went right over your head didn't it?
Fezragore 8 months ago
That's because the majority of people in America are Christians. Just like the majority of inmates in American prisons are Christian.
Tasida 7 months ago
Now it's your turn to spare ME.

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