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"Pandering ever enter your mind? Although I don't think Trump is a racist, pandering to minorities is not above any politician."

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Samum 1 year ago
Yeah, I concur, there is a lot of wild & unexplained events and things out there in the woolly world... But that does not demonstrate supernature, just our ignorance.
Zulum 1 year ago
"Like you, they have no idea what hard work actually is."
Aragami 1 year ago
Then stop doing it. And for all of your tap dancing you have in no way addressed that many "moral" teachings of the Bible are now totally ignored (because they are immoral). And before you try weasel out the Old Testament again, don't forget where the Ten Commandments come from.
Moogurg 11 months ago
We normally don't look at ourselves as being like wild animal although there are those that do act that way. I am talking about the realm of being human.
Togis 11 months ago
Did I quote you wrongly? I apologise for may language comprehension difficulty.
Dikasa 11 months ago
Come on down and help convert others to the Light. No afterlife, but we get cool crystalline patrons.
Fenrizragore 11 months ago
In theory such evidence could come along. I am nowhere near arrogant enough to flat out state that there will never be any evidence for a god.
Akim 11 months ago
You are right about morality and God. What does one have to do with the other.
Mok 10 months ago
You blame God for the god of this worlds stuff..the devil. Probably, usually how it is
Vudogami 10 months ago
you're confused. Didn't you tell me earlier there is evidence addressing origins?
Yokora 10 months ago
High ranking? And that excludes any error in his/her information?
Zut 10 months ago
?Kind? is not used in science but here is MW definition
Goltitaur 10 months ago
I like your latest discussion smiley xxxx
Tojajora 9 months ago
True. Though a lot of our current elderly people did not have the services, insurances, economy that we have now. I sympathize with them..they didn't have what we have now. So, again,no excuses for those who can work and are able.
Shagis 9 months ago
I have realized it isn't there.
Dajora 9 months ago
"To be reasonable is to say that the human brain is calibrated to something we call 'truth'. "
Samushura 9 months ago
Funny how the unions are now willing to forget that the last time we had an NDP government, they were stabbed in the back by Bob Rae. If they get in this time, will there be Horwath days?
Dirr 8 months ago
So, a portraitist must paint your picture if you want him to?
Zumi 8 months ago
It does happen if ya get old enough
Nikojinn 8 months ago
"If someone wants the choice to have an abortion, then they should pay for it. I do not think the Federal Government, or any tax dollars for that matter, should be used to pay for abortions"
Arashikora 7 months ago
Dear Mr Trump u have to be prepare cuz u have offend Kim already with the nuclear weapons so u can b bomb in Singapore
Nisho 7 months ago
if you like balls so much, why not just find a pair to suck on instead of hanging them on your truck.... i just don't get it...
Nigar 7 months ago
It actually does make sense.

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