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"You are correct. As I read further, Whites have been increasingly appropriating Black colleges for years now. This is unexceptable! White people are ruining everything!"

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Both Sally and Timmy somehow managed to keep silent as they came and Julie blew a kiss and hung up on her husband.

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Maunos 1 year ago
I'm almost 76 years old and I was considered old when I got married at 25. I don't believe there is more pressure on men or women to get married or have relationships now than when I was growing up
Shaktitaxe 11 months ago
Cultural tradition, maybe then. But given I lack any religious tradition, it would be hard to say I'm influenced by one.
Dilkis 11 months ago
What about lightning?
Tojale 11 months ago
Polyamory is wrong!
Molkree 11 months ago
But, the topic isn't international banking or currency. However, feel free to start a thread about that if you like. Just make sure to follow our Community Guidelines if you choose to follow through.
Nagami 11 months ago
Lol, it was just some guy trying oddly to say I hate men, I guess, because he was a jerk to Duchess Yvonne, and I said hi to him,
Mikagrel 11 months ago
cheese and rice, is nothing sacred anymore
Dounris 10 months ago
One would have to define 'sin' to define such a statement. If one even 'thinks' about something sinful, according to the bible, it 'is' a 'sin', nevertheless.
Gule 10 months ago
That's great -- except it is all wrong. Completely wrong.
Meztijind 10 months ago
Someone def has to go to pornhub to release some tension.
Mezticage 10 months ago
I'd call you a sadistic equestrian necrophile, but that would be like beating a dead horse
Mishakar 10 months ago
God of the Gaps, Albert....
Arazragore 10 months ago
neither of my parents is great in the kitchen, but I was talking about non family members, restaurants and stuff.
Shaktigore 9 months ago
Hmmmm, that's about it.
Gotilar 9 months ago
Well, now is preceding on the ceremony. Watch TV, CNN. Fake News. Naive.
JoJolkree 9 months ago
And they would be closer to right than most.
Meztilabar 9 months ago
They are this time of year.
Grogal 9 months ago
The verse tells us the
Daigore 8 months ago
No one expects the bible to be scientifically one sane, anyway.
Kajiramar 8 months ago
You speak in riddles.
Arashit 8 months ago
Because atheist "organizations" aren't in it for the money. The Churches are enterprises usually tax exempt, and make a lot of money from hospitals, and from increased
Dashura 8 months ago
Bullshit. Creationism is religious mythology.
Ball 7 months ago
Dodge and weave. What is the scientific definition of "kind"? Be sure to include the scientific sources you used.
Arashirg 7 months ago
65,000 texts? She definitely had NOTHING to do that day. Lol. I think it's a mix of chemical imbalances, and the fact that some people REALLY just CANNOT handle rejection.
Samuk 7 months ago
She has a history of racism. You know that right?
Mooguhn 7 months ago
It "takes time" because you can't show how what you disagree with, or what you're skeptical of, is bad science.
Mausho 6 months ago
The laws that govern who gets served in the public marketplace were not written by LGBTQ people. They actually were passed because of racial discrimination. I support peoples right to obey the law, if you wish to change the law, have at it. If you want to live in a society, you have to make compromises. If your views/convictions are that strong, then either don't start a business, or make it by subscription only, then you can limit your cliental as you wish.

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