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"It is heavily right wing, but people are people and you will find some on the left as well"

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Elsa reached behind in an attempt to grab Anna, but Anna was too quick; she grabbed Elsa by the shoulders and pushed her face down into the bed. Her voice was a little more animated then when reading the messages from my boss and she had the look of intrigue in her eyes and grin like she had just learned a juicy secret.

I took my cock out and started to masturbate. The shock was taking a long time to get over he just kept staring at her nakedness.

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I could not tell if he was a willing participant or not. A young guy was standing at one of the urinals just past the divider. After a minute of waiting, the female operator picked the phone back up, "Rev. "No, sweetie, that's good," I said with a reassuring smile.

I didn't pay much attention to him. " Nate reacted to my exclamation, sticking as much of my dick into his mouth as he could, and began flicking the bottom of my cock with his tongue. I take a gulp, hating and loving the taste at the same time.

She often would go home after a hard days work and just relax in a warm bubble bath and fantasize about Mike.

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Faezshura 1 year ago
Whenever I do that sort of thing, it's typically in response to someone making broad statements about one group (often "Muslims"), and comparing it to another broad group (often Christians). Because that's a group to which most of the western world can relate, and recognize there's extreme diversity within that broad label...
Mikanos 1 year ago
Something "objectively moral" would be moral in all circumstances.
Nagul 1 year ago
WEll, they never really had consequences to their actions before, so they think now shouldn't be any different.
Akisar 1 year ago
I have been involved in something called Death Cafe (look them up if you like:
Vudotilar 1 year ago
That's cute. You're proven wrong immediately.
Marr 11 months ago
Yes, she was a virgin. She HAD to be in order to bring forth the Messiah.
Kazirg 11 months ago
Sorry, bro'...evolution's a fact...
Bakasa 11 months ago
Nope. Only in your very biased mind am I spreading hatred. When did I attack you. I am defending my faith and my words (while I still can).
Samutaxe 11 months ago
It's not about more likely though, it's about your certainty. If you're a 40, you're somewhat certain there's no Creator. If you're a 50, you're not certain either way. If you're a 60, you're somewhat certain there's a Creator.
Taumuro 11 months ago
Genuine question: What is that like? How is it distinguishable from just thinking that you know the living God?
Tushura 11 months ago
I said "anything needing a cause." Anything that had a beginning needs a cause.
Zugar 10 months ago
How about "odd and quirky" can I define you down to "odd and quirky"?
Arajora 10 months ago
Logic is at the hands of Satan. He used it on Eve. Logic started all the mess.
Meztishura 10 months ago
Well that was odd.. LOL
Gonos 10 months ago
You've added extra definitions. Alright, let's say that the dragon is invisible and is some advanced species. If it is in your garage, it should take up space. So sweeping some wires or something around until it hits something invisible should reveal that it exists. Otherwise, it does not.
Manos 9 months ago
Until humans quit sucking at math..............................................
Voodooshakar 9 months ago
Damn, they serve liquor really early where you are.
Zulugis 9 months ago
>>"The T shirt company headed to scotus is arguing they will not print any gay messages"<<
Doular 9 months ago
That is one opinion
Taujora 8 months ago
i think it's partly just being under the scrutiny of all those cameras. Although they are *royal* and used to it in part, usually when in public they are walking around or viewed from a distance. Here they are seated, stationary, and under a merciless gaze. Would make anyone stiffen up.
Moogugrel 8 months ago
...How is she tragic or a rescue?
Yojind 8 months ago
The greatest misrepresentation ever given to mankind, that Jesus (Yeshua ben Yosef, Joshua son of Joseph) was, in fact a 'god' or the 'god' that most religions worship. Yet, significantly, if Jesus (Joshua) was not a Human Being, then what He accomplished would mean very little to other human beings. God can do anything it wants, so it is said, yet, for a Human Being to become the 'example' of God would be a major significant accomplishment, and this MSA has been denied by religions in their ignorance.
Dashura 8 months ago
I thought that you didn't care, lefty hack fake!
Kajimi 8 months ago
Welcome to Love Stinks scenario! Enjoy your stay
Daishakar 8 months ago
Good use of succor rhetorically.
Vumi 7 months ago
Well OK, as a matter of fact science does not understand "life", or its origin, or what form it could potentially take within the laws of nature. Its an enigma. We do know that we do not observe life outside of physical material, and physical material is made out of atoms. Doesn't that point toward my suggestion that atoms are themselves alive in some rudimentary way (they have their own energy, and specialized behavior patterns), thereby when nature arranges them in certain more complex forms, collectively, they can display signs of higher life? Generally, the more complex the atomic machine (read: "physical body"), the higher the consciousness or something. And the energy for all the physical transactions that make life possible, the literal energy of life, that is coming from atoms. How could it be that atoms are not alive?
Arashira 7 months ago
Conversely, if there was a test that could predict a baby would be gay, and Christians and others who think homosexuality is an abnormal genetic defect, starting aborting gay babies in masses to help eliminate this abominable behavior from earth, would liberals agree with it, or hypocritically fight against it?
Nisar 7 months ago
Nope. I am anti-Bolshevist and pro-Aryan, Jew. Nice try slandering me, but you will have to do better than that, Shlomo.
Tolkis 7 months ago
Drinking warm Diet Coke. Life is cruel.

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