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Kashura 8 months ago
Tyrannical guntards proving us once again that they can't be trusted with guns.
Megrel 8 months ago
I see; it's just possible, though, that your perception is faulty. Narcissism is excessive interest in or admiration of oneself and one's physical appearance. What antitheists (not atheists) are is opposed to the harm of filthy religions such as Christianity; this has absolutely nothing at all to do with interest in self.
Nikozshura 8 months ago
And what does the OFFICE OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT have to do with this conversation????
Garisar 7 months ago
Another stunt brought to us by the bungling fool - Herr Mueller!
Zusar 7 months ago
You got that right. That whole theory of consciousness thing is a rabbit hole. I do like to think of it as an emergent property of the physical brain though :)
Kagale 7 months ago
There are certainly some stupid people in Texas. Such is the case in most places throughout the world. What's your point?
Doumi 7 months ago
Not a form of bigotry, no.
Malasho 7 months ago
Wars are always justified as moral. Even when motivated by politics or greed.
Brajin 7 months ago
I'm not sure you really made an argument here. At best it is "this is an alternative explanation" but that's not an argument against god. It may also be an argument against an argument for a god, but going further by saying "therefore no god" is an example of the fallacy fallacy.
Faegal 6 months ago
Exactly. There are some classes that end up being all women, even if they are technically coed.
Kazimuro 6 months ago
Oh I see, clever.
Najind 6 months ago
They are darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, due to their hardness of heart.
Gataxe 5 months ago
boo ~~ hiss !!!!
Gardall 5 months ago
Can't think of any of Acts that's not "looking back" where Jesus is concerned. The gospels are, in part, eye-witness accounts about Jesus, but Acts never is (as far as I remember).
Zulugul 5 months ago
Bingo, we dont imortalize anti-government individuals now.

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