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"Guilty as charged. I think the tallest woman I've courted was 5'2."

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And now she was letting herself out of the car. "Know what this is.

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"Baby, you are the hottest thing ever. " Then Claudette looked directly at me and asked, "Can I go hunting with you sometime?" I asked, "Why?" Claudette then proceeded to tell me all about her childhood fantasy, watching Grizzly Adams movies on television, and masturbating to thoughts of a smelly mountain man ravishing her in a cabin in the woods on a bare skin rug in front of a roaring fire.

You just seemed so into baseball and all that I didn't want to interrupt. " Claudette asked me, "Can I wear your dirty T-shirt.

Really. He hadn't felt safe since the break-in a month previous, so he checked each room before settling down in his favorite chair in the living room. I was frothing at the mouth, this was just fucking amazing.

Then the thumbs and fingers were holding her nipples in a light pinch. I hated it at first. I bet you have a sweet cunt. Supergirl trembled and sniffled as she tried to gain control of herself.

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Akilrajas 1 year ago
7th grade is different as you were both still kids at the time.
Yozragore 1 year ago
Hold it. This is supposed to be the b-a-d advise game, not "Advice From a Woman Who's Got Game."! LOL
Kelkis 1 year ago
Common sense says that no civil rights have been restricted, of course.
Tabar 11 months ago
No, the first thing you do is squeeze it and check for spoilage. Also check for stains and bodily fluids. Price is like number 7 on that list.
Zulkik 11 months ago
This is an outdated dad thing. He doesn't get to control your hair unless it's something that is negatively really awful for you. I'm thinking aqua Mohawk.
Vujin 11 months ago
are you still combing their hair at 13?
Nishura 11 months ago
I didn't ask you to repeat yourself.
Dahn 11 months ago
Taukazahn 11 months ago
Freedom is immoral?
Kadal 11 months ago
Oh yes, choochy-face. :) :) :)
Yozshuk 10 months ago
It's a respectable viewpoint. Still, he was talking only of the historical Jesus.
Gohn 10 months ago
actually it is.. to bad yur unable to recognize that yet..
Nikocage 10 months ago
You mean like Zeus???? AND HINDUISM!?!?!?
Nizilkree 10 months ago
"The volcanoe eruption in Hawaii example of God's p power."
Domuro 9 months ago
What do we do with the people buying snacks or beer during the NA? DO we refund their money and send them away?
Faegul 9 months ago
I agree that there has been a lot of ambivalence shown toward homosexuals by Christianity. I have seen a lot of verbal gymnastics and jousting over Romans 1 and Leviticus 17 to name a few passages. I don't get how a gay minister can counsel a parishioner and use scripture - which he calls God's Word - and tell that parishioner that it says here in John 1 that Jesus is God's word made flesh and he has brought light to us all. Is it me or is there a problem here with both cruel and humane stories emanating from the same Holy Book?
Dom 9 months ago
Lol Same people that think all graphic novels are just comic books and those are for kids too. They know no better.
Gat 9 months ago
LOL! Sounds fun :)
Mitaur 9 months ago
"Allowed to ridicule? I know as the principle, I wouldn't look kindly upon it. What the teacher is really doing is "teaching disrespect." Your fired!! ;)"
Kit 8 months ago
Vote early and vote often!
Kajar 8 months ago
This says GOD YHWH, the Almighty One : In these last days before the return of Jesus the Christ to the Mount of Olives, to start the Kingdom of God visible on earth at Jerusalem in Israel, I notice that many discuss about Me and My holy existence and about the inspiration of the bible and of the dogma's taught in churches and their practices... and of those, who proclaim to know Me or to be My messengers or wittnesses. Still I AM revealing Myself to people worldwide in different ways, for I AM the almighty God of the universes. Still there are always people who want proof of My existence, although My whole creation reveals Me by day and night. All the visible things and the spirit-worlds declare that I AM. But some people are hardened, because of their unwillingness to acknowledge Me and to serve Me in My creation according to My Holy Will and plan and word and commandments and holy gospelteachings. Many are the sons and daughters and servants and slaves of satanic evil spirits.. and therefore they are enemies of Me and Jesus the Christ and of the gospel and of faithfull disciples of the heavenly godly Kingdom of God and My holy Temple. I AM. Therefore I call all to return to Me in honest prayer, admitting their sinfull nature and rebellious thoughts and words and deeds... and asking Me in Jesus Christ name to change their hearts and lives according to My holy will to save their souls for eternity in Jesus Christ holy name and love and grace and mercy. I AM. For those, who are willing to ask this, I will give grace and love and truth and guidance by My Spirit and holy angels. I AM.
Tojashakar 8 months ago
You picked one ... out of how many total? And btw - that was not insignificant at all, as it helped pave the way for the rebirth of ancient Greek studies during the medieval period and Enlightenment. Also, Scot "gave the University of Salerno recipe for anesthesia as equal parts opium, mandragora, and henbane. He also wrote a treatise ascribing to each of the practical sciences a corresponding theoretical science of which it is the manifestation."
Dusar 8 months ago
Right after that group of atheists took over planes and flew them into the twin towers.
Arara 8 months ago
I forgot the question about the other books and writings, Qu'ran, Bhagavad Gita, and Buddhavacana. I know enough about these teachings that I don't agree with but not studiously. These deny Jesus Christ as who He was, is, and will be. There is no other god in my Bible (except Satan, the god of this world, and the pagan gods spoken of). God is One Family of Three Persons, The Father, The Son Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit. There is no other, I reject these writings and all writings that teach otherwise. You have to say, Graigrathor, I do stand on what I believe, what do you stand on, whether anyone agrees or not!?
Judal 7 months ago
Whether a guy name Yeshua ever existed doesn't really matter.
Yorn 7 months ago
Good thing the Cavs fouled Livingston; he recognized the TRIPLE team and knew who was open.
Kazizragore 7 months ago
ALL women who get pregnant do so with the participation of a 'dick,' whether directly or indirectly.
Mikasida 7 months ago
We didn't realize there were two versions of the Koran. It is clear that the Islamist terrorists use the original unabridged one but we are not aware there was a milder modified version. If standard Muslims have problems with the radical version, why do we RARELY hear of them doing or saying anything about it? Could it be that the Koran both versions of Muslims obey states that if they dare do or say anything they must be eliminated? Something to do with apostates. Individuals like Tarek Fatah are incredibly brave.
Dasida 7 months ago
Now Jack, you have a pretty miserable record of predicting & interpreting the Mueller investigation...
Shalkree 7 months ago
As you can see from this thread, there is virtually no conversation of Islam happening. Its Christian whataboutism

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