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"My erudition achieved my goal perfectly. Even though your post was a non sequitur, I compelled you to post. This is evidence that you are easily manipulated by a total stranger on the internet. Imagine what the Russians did to you?"

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Cindy spread her legs wide and Mike positioned himself in between them. I pulled my dick free from her plush lips and streamed piss across her beautiful face. Aolo waited, unmoving. Maybe 10 years younger than me.

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His mouth felt so warm going up and down my dick and I had to have more. One time a girlfriend in college tesn touchy and feelly with me at a bar when we had too much too drink, but I never did much more than that.

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Groktilar 11 months ago
Can you cite these articles? I'll check them.
Yozshujar 11 months ago
Not to mention boooooring.
Akikazahn 11 months ago
Well, your right, the fact that they are "shopping" I suppose indicates that they are choosing. They are seeking to find friendship more than doctrine, maybe that is what I mean't. Doubt if too many folks understand the theological differences between the local congregations. If somebody smiles and greets them, makes them feel warm, if they feel loved, feel like a neighbor, that matters more.
Netilar 10 months ago
So that makes it okay for some people to spend an additional 8 years in prison while they wait for the end of his presidency?
Tusar 10 months ago
I shoulda known!
Gokazahn 10 months ago
It can but I think Jesus is bigger than that. I have a problem with drive-by slogans, my savior is far bigger.
Tausho 10 months ago
Things are looking up.
Malazilkree 10 months ago
we have a fanboy!
Yozshujinn 9 months ago
Only the parts about not eating shellfish and wearing mixed fiber clothing...
Zulkijas 9 months ago
A lot of people just think the fetus should have rights, but are okay with preventing that fetus from being conceived.
Zuzshura 9 months ago
LOL. How about all those filthy Catholic priests and brothers raping children, all those filthy nuns and sisters brutalizing and torturing children and all the leaders covering it up and protecting them?
Arajind 9 months ago
PL. I have heard that most pets as well as entire the extended families all go to Heaven for a big family reunion more time than I can remember.
Mitilar 9 months ago
You were blessed with strength and patience for a reason.
Gugrel 8 months ago
Yea I know.... such issues has got me into many troubled waters you could say haha in trying to defend the CP's.
Kilkree 8 months ago
A very interesting observation of current understanding. A "beginning" in context with the formation of the Sun that could hardly be understood that it should be believed that nothing else n the universe existed before that particular point in universal time. Thank you.
Shasar 8 months ago
Atheism is non belief. That is not a bad argument. That is literally what the word means and exactly what every atheist means when they call themselves that.
Tygojora 8 months ago
Catholics *are* Christians and the Catholics hardly have exclusive rights to killing people and oppressing them. Just read some of Martin Luther's teachings if you think otherwise.
Shakadal 8 months ago
Harm? What harm is caused by being religious? I can see some shootings and bombing and other terrorist problems but they don't even hold a candle to just plain old trouble that isn't religious based.
Arar 8 months ago
SB. Thanks for your post.
Vura 7 months ago
Hating President Trump just doesn't work.
Malalkree 7 months ago
Nothing that you claim was said prior to my commenting is demonstrated with a quote demonstrating it's veracity, just like nothing about anything that you've claimed has been demonstrated to have any veracity at all. But as you did before, you're claiming that I am somehow ignorant without demonstrating it. It's not about "claiming victory" it's about demonstrating the fallacious practices of some to avoid talking factually about things in a public forum. You have provided NOTHING that demonstrates that black men in the US or internationally are "more likely" to be mass murderers. That was, at best, an incredibly ignorant comment based on racist assumptions.
Maukree 7 months ago
Clearly you have feelings for me. You've been asking me about my sexuality and telling me about the type of man you prefer. Nothing you have said is anything close to sarcasm.
Mauran 7 months ago
Believe it or not, at one point, giving a girl a business card was how most middle-aged men exchanged contact information... It might be "creepy" to this generation, but to me it certainly isn't. I met my first girlfriend by giving her a note with my phone number on it at her job. That's kinda how you did it before social media existed.
Meztijinn 7 months ago
Good for him that he has achieved that kind of flexibility.

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