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"It is triage TS."

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We were doing it. She let out another, louder and longer, moan. I slowly gathered up my things and turned off the sound system.

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almost as soon as we were in side we ripped each others clothes off and i threw her on the bed. Instantly I took in mustress amazing smell, and the taste was one to make any guy cum, (well with a little work anyway).

Then I let go and they put their shorts back on. I looked up, and saw her grinning and rubbing the juices all over her inner thigh and pubic muff. He wkth whispered: "Beautiful dick, man".

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Gujar 11 months ago
I am always. did I mention always, thinking we had obama as President for 8 years and he had a majority for the first 2 years in why did he not do more for the so-called equality of homosexuals? How come this is all now conservatives fault? They could have pushed through so much legislation, just like obamacare, and we would have been done with it.
Shaktim 11 months ago
If patriotism were defined, not as blind obedience to government, nor as submissive worship to flags and anthems, but rather as love of one's country, one's fellow citizens, as loyalty to the
Mutilar 10 months ago
Here is a record that actually maters
Yozshugul 10 months ago
Many things create hybrids, but hybrids only support the population. They are good for study. The entire reason ring species were hopefuls were to document the so called process in action. It doesn't happen though. The small changes did happen...typical, and hybrids too. But no one cares for this at the moment, its the documentation of the process and natural selection at work real time genetically traced.
Zulugal 10 months ago
It can also be used as plural of "majesty". The queen still uses "We" in talking first person singular...
Malabar 10 months ago
What word did they use according to you, may I ask?
Samusho 9 months ago
I've never heard "Ambien" so many times in one day and it's not even 8.
Tygojar 9 months ago
I don't mind cashews. :) In fact, I dislike walnuts, and I have an awesome lentil pate recipe that uses walnuts. It's all ground so fine together it doesn't matter.
Kigal 9 months ago
Why? The tips are great.
Jucage 9 months ago
The idea of ?entropy? in physics is a technical concept that essentially measures the degree of ?disorder?or disorganization of a system. For purely probabilistic reasons, isolated systems (systems left to their own devices) tend to evolve in a manner that keeps the level of disorganization (entropy) constant or causes it to increase. The entropy of an isolated system almost never decreases. Systems do not get more organized spontaneously. In order to cause a system to become more organized something must enter the system from outside and expend energy.
Aranris 9 months ago
The brookstone dark chocolate blueberry ones
Yokinos 9 months ago
And are never, ever wrong.

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