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"You have to prove his religious freedom was violated in any way."

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Zolozilkree 11 months ago
I'd save that for second to last!
Necage 11 months ago
If good morals came strictly from biological evolution then all cultures and civilizations would all be more or less equally moral, just and civilized. Compare the Roman Empire or Ottoman empire with Christendom. Your evolutionary subjective morality appears to be an epic failure.
Jujin 11 months ago
The only way to reject any claim is by making a counter claim. If you want to reject the claim that God exists, you must claim that God does not exist.
Nisida 10 months ago
Great idea! Let them budget/spend on their own military (and fight their own wars without us) so that we can cut down our military budget and presence.
Vujinn 10 months ago
Indoctrination sits on the far side of the spectrum with obvious negative conotations. I don't think anyone wants their children indoctrinated in any subject. It's the subtle coercion that's less obvious and more dangerous.
Zulkigore 10 months ago
I don't know much about you at all (your account is private) and I made no reference to a particular religion. I reacted to what I read. You sound like you hate atheists. (Rabid. Horrendous. Preachers.)
Mek 10 months ago
Definitely get to see who?s genuine and who is not.... I?ll survive it! Learning a hard but useful lesson in life...
Tejinn 9 months ago
This is not
Shaktigal 9 months ago
He wants to pretend he cares for the black community. No one should be fooled.
Dom 9 months ago
No, don?t think I do.
Sak 9 months ago
I?m not making the argument that an immaterial being could not interact with the material world, but rather that it must become material to do it - thus the mention of the transmaterial doctrine.
Monos 8 months ago
oh my. Good thing she aint president.
Mer 8 months ago
I know the liberal atheists in Sweden do. And part of being a politically correct liberal is keeping your mouth shut when you disagree with the party line. So where are all the out spoken anti-immigration atheists?, we have not heard a peep out of them, other than Dawkins
Malataxe 8 months ago
You're the one who claimed all those millions supported blasphemy laws.
Tojasida 8 months ago
Zeus? Joke of the deceiver!
Gardagore 8 months ago
Shit doesn't belong in waste baskets Bro ....
Akimuro 7 months ago
You mean what it is CLAIMED that Jesus said.
Voodoojora 7 months ago
Learn something, you will.
Magal 7 months ago
Fascinating. I wonder what the reasons are for that. Did the children survive better that way? Was it just too much work for the communal group to take care of the infants?
Kedal 7 months ago
We all should be able to go around ending women's pregnancies willy nilly. Such an imposition.
Moogunos 7 months ago
I do this to move on not to get back together. If you want that you need to be honest with the person
Gugal 6 months ago
See Peter Damian on the Mythic Jesus OP from yesterday.
Dogis 6 months ago
Lol so he's not a fool now?
Dijar 6 months ago
that is a great dogma but a much later tradition that did not start to be popular until the 3rd - 4th century at the earliest. The Gospels give prominence to an inner circle of three: Peter, John son of Zebedee and John's brother James. And Galatians has the Three Pillars in Jerusalem: Peter, John son of Zebedee, and Jesus' brother James. What happened here? Surely the gospels' inner group of three is intended as preparatory for the Pillars, to provide a life-of-Jesus pedigree for the Pillars. But then why are there two different Jameses? Mustn't they originally have been the same? There are good reasons to think they were, but certain factions wanted to play up the authority of the shadowy college of the Twelve against the earlier authority of the Heirs and found it politic to drive a wedge between James the brother of Jesus and the Twelve, so James becomes James the Just on the one hand and James the brother of John on the other.
Shazahn 6 months ago
Lucky. I do 37 miles one way if lucky.
Dailkree 6 months ago
Your baiting is pathetic. Get some new game, GCTDVD. This "no-I'm-not-you-are" schtick is tedious.
Mogami 6 months ago
None of what you run about matters. We do not go around asking others for money. If we live in excess, it is because of our own efforts.
Vomuro 5 months ago
Have logichead to find god.
Zusida 5 months ago
LOL, how do you think Chinese learned about the Huns progress to Europe? Many of their sources are translation from European works.
Vudorg 5 months ago
Yep. It's the interpretations that are vital to us, not the facts.
Kazahn 5 months ago
I have no problems with immigrants either, I am an immigrant myself, it's Islamic ideology that creates problems.
Kajigor 5 months ago
Vikings sound better than these guys...

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