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"Clown aside, I vote for the party."

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Brahn 1 year ago
'I believe in God, the Father almighty,
Votaur 1 year ago
And your point is? Is there a rule that only one sin per person is allowed?
Junos 1 year ago
My bad! The rest of my comments stand.
Zuktilar 1 year ago
Heard on the radio on the way to work this AM. Break out the accordions! It's National Chicken Dance day.
Arajas 1 year ago
Since Israel is a Parliamentary Democracy Jews of all political persuasions are democratic.
Dirisar 1 year ago
nope, faith is needed so you don't ask questions. It's when you ask questions the lies become evident
Kele 1 year ago
U said yourself that you don't go often, they won't care if they lose your business
Gardagar 11 months ago
Seems responsible to me. Besides if they go to far out there, the other kids will take care of it for you anyway.
Tojajind 11 months ago
making quality goods does not STOP foreign governments from tariffs....
Gardajas 11 months ago
3-peat is a start
Mikabei 11 months ago
Agreed. People seem to forget that conservative groups have be obstructionists to social progress, in North America, for the past 100 years.
Taujin 11 months ago
Okay, again I ask the question: For women who are required to wear the burqa to go out in public, what do you think happens to them if you outlaw them wearing a burqa in public?
Tahn 10 months ago
Everything about your comment was obtuse, dumbfuck.
Terg 10 months ago
No, you see that. I neither see that, nor need to search. You really can?t help yourself from projecting, can you?
Groll 10 months ago
No--it was an anecdote-hence my pointing out your use of 'likely' as a descriptor.
Gogis 10 months ago
There is no way to consolidate everything that is in the bible. You must heavily reinterpret or dismiss something. What better way to do that than on the basis of the self-proclaimed most important rule? From all interpretations I've heard this is one of the most sound.
Gazuru 10 months ago
Neat. That doesn't explain *why* I would want to emulate that example. Letting yourself get taken advantage of or forcing yourself to be a doormat isn't moral, it's stupid.
Gazahn 9 months ago
And his mother was Caucasian.
Basar 9 months ago
You are just being dishonest at this point.
Taujind 9 months ago
So if I throw a stone at you and step into a getaway car that is waiting, this is golden?
Vok 9 months ago
oh damn, that's going to cost extra bc the cake place I'm ordering from is over an hour away.
Taumuro 8 months ago
In my family, a few good friends, and nature. A lot of nature... I like to take random trips down to the big bend area. There's a rest stop type place between the fort and the observatory where I can spend a whole day climbing up the rocks, finding a quit, solitary spot, and just reading. It's... Lovely. I've learned how to keep toxic people from stressing my life out, so it's been better :)
Bar 8 months ago
Do you think only God's work can be charitable?
Samura 8 months ago
Whether or not their attractions are chosen doesn't tell us if they are born with it, especially if nuture is a factor.
Dagar 8 months ago
Thanks--you have nothing.
Turn 8 months ago
So you still refuse to answer my question? Why would a black sculptor refuse to make a cross for a KKK rally?
Mezile 7 months ago
I think you presume a certain level of weakness on behalf of burqa wearing women if you presume they won?t leave the house without one. It is possible they will put on a hijab and leave the house.
Jura 7 months ago
Did you see the presidential one?
Gular 7 months ago
Flipped the calendar to June. 6 months till Christmas ............
Nikorg 7 months ago
What's the link to the LHN&P?
Mezigis 7 months ago
Wait... From what I've seen in the news last few years it seems that bishops like 14yos tugging them...
Gajas 7 months ago
Atheism doesn't have ideologies.

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