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"A referendum would indeed have been a good example of democracy in action. I think it would have been a much better alternative to what happened. Furthermore I vehemently oppose the privatization of Hydro One."

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Arajinn 8 months ago
If morality were objective, you would.
Nikosar 8 months ago
That wasn't nearly as funny as you thought it was.
Tauzshura 8 months ago
Nice wink, I see you realize how ridiculous that statement was.
Meztidal 8 months ago
I stumbled on to a web site a long time ago and it had a whole gallery of them. Very enlightening.
Kigakus 8 months ago
a smart car. Because I could crumple it up and take up very little room in the trash.
Magul 7 months ago
well Canada consisted of Upper and Lower Canada and the rest was pretty much Rupert's Land (Hudson's Bay Co.). it was under British control. Canada was not 'officially' a country until 1867.
Mezinos 7 months ago
We are not a monolith. What? Do you think we all think alike? Haitians were enslaved by the French. Different background and culture. Blacks from different parts of the diaspora all have had different experiences. We simply all don't see the same things. There are even some black Republicans who think as you do. Ben Carson comes to mind. He was a great surgeon. But politics elude him. The black community has abandoned him. He is an ass kissing black man.
Fauhn 7 months ago
If you think that is funny you are 1 in a million.
Toshura 7 months ago
We know that brain damage like that which occurs in dementia and Alzheimers results in a loss of personality, memory, soul if you like, then death as the other functions stop. It's like the person you knew has disappeared. Why all the stuff about universes? It's nonsense man.
Arashibar 7 months ago
Sounds like the NDP and Liberals paid for the timing of this news.
Tojajinn 6 months ago
Something created man and the latter created gods & goddesses, faith, Satan and priests to remind him how stupid he is in believing "what faith is, to accept without proof somebody?s preaching, who speaks without knowledge, about things unprecedented" Epicurus
Moogurg 6 months ago
Pics or it never happened :)
Maugor 6 months ago
Anyone....anyone who refers to their IQ (of which your claim is utter bullshite) is a moronic asshole of EPIC proportions. You are sooo much a dick that I know that you are fn cancer in any relationship. So...FUCK OFF ASSHOLE. I don't tutor dicks for a brain. And one more thing...GFY... :) :) :)
Yozshule 6 months ago
"present-day polar bears have been evolved from grizzlies."
Moogugrel 6 months ago
Well see I have a little problem here. I am an anarchist so I don't like to see anyone get in another persons business. So you ask about praying for healing. Now the first thing I must say is that what they do isn't harmful to you. Now if you are looking out for the child I know many things that are harmful to children that have nothing to do with religion. Should you get involved? Well, that is a slippery slope. Who decides? What can be called harmful? People raise children in rat infested places with black mold and old lead paint. Do we get involved in that? It is harmful.
Fenrizilkree 5 months ago
It is silly, but that's only because the entire concept that you presented is silly: that the person who baked a cake for a party has some sort of authority, and that his/her recognition and approval is required.
JoJojas 5 months ago
Didja get past the first sentence, John???:
Mukora 5 months ago
I guess that depends on the person. Taking a negative and turning it towards a positive good doesn't seem like a bad thing to me on the surface. But a lot of things start out with good intentions and quickly turn bad. Only time will tell.
Tezilkree 5 months ago
Except, of course, that isn't what Jesus said. And there are millions of jews.
Akiktilar 5 months ago
That's a name, what is her story? How did she suffer from "hordes of illegal aliens into our country with their children"
Arashigul 5 months ago
Of all your strange comments above...this has GOT to
Moogugal 4 months ago
LMAO! How?d you know to do that?
Dainos 4 months ago
Similarly, God can feel differently about these two:
Kajit 4 months ago
Jesus doesn't actually say that. The parable literally starts "The Kingdom of Heaven is like a landowner" It's not the salary. The kingdom is the one who owns the land where the work is being done.
Nizragore 4 months ago
Lmao!! Ain't that the truth!

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