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"More like... "I'm an idiot and I know I'd look even stupider if I did because of course the fire alarm will work.""

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Kaganos 1 year ago
I worry the litter boxes will turn people off. We have 3 cats but 4 litter boxes which I religiously clean. Thank god for clumping litter.
Dougami 1 year ago
Dr. Jodi Gold was on CNN this morning and although it was a brief point she made in her larger argument she said how she did not like the show 13 Reasons Why and how it glorified suicide.
Yozshujora 11 months ago
Um, no. I presented an article which links to several studies showing that you're wrong. Come on, sweetie. Something a little better than "I know you are but what am I."
Mekora 11 months ago
You can't tell me that after the libs doubled spending over their mandate, that 4% can't be found. That should be no problem whatsoever.
Mur 11 months ago
How long was the dress?
Mikalrajas 11 months ago
I have tons of friends who voted for Trump. I feel exactly the same way about them that I did before the election. I will still discuss politics with them but I just agree to disagree
Sajora 11 months ago
Hi ya
Mazuzilkree 10 months ago
Your assumption that he didn't ask is based on scripture not telling us. Scripture is also not saying that he did ask. Either way scripture doesn't tell us, it's not written therefore leaving us with the ability that we can assume either way.
Najind 10 months ago
And he made some gay.
Nikora 10 months ago
To NC I hope :) :)
Malamuro 10 months ago
I didn't say that, panties.
Vudokree 10 months ago
Melli, I removed the "silly" comment: was there anything else? As I see it, the rest is factual: we are talking about the lives of people here, so this is a serious discussion. Thank you.
Dizil 9 months ago
Nobody will deny that. But the Spiritual see that and experience that. As the Scripture said that.
Mekora 9 months ago
However he is stupid enough, crooked enough, and out of touch with the real world. She is great at spending other peoples money on herself and sky high plans. All these and more which makes her a prime candidate for the ndp and an even better candidate for the liberals. And her gang of followers are the worse of any lot. Perhaps if I was a nazi, or hated veterans, or did not want to work for a living I would vote ndp.
Kagashicage 9 months ago
or what those sweaty palms last touched
Shakakasa 9 months ago
What was so horrible about what she said?
Akir 9 months ago
Of course it has always been. How about Egypt & the Pyramids!
Mutilar 9 months ago
He is OMNI present in our lives NOBODY can live and try to destroy this world without his knowledge. I love God with all my heart and SOUL and he is MY SAVIOR.
Nibar 8 months ago
I am trying to make a short post. It is hard.
Taunris 8 months ago
A friend recently returned from a trip to California. She noticed that many/most walk-in businesses had a policy, "you have to be a paying customer to use the bathroom".
Tauzilkree 8 months ago
As long as you're driving. I'll try not to spill my drink.
Arashidal 8 months ago
Those under 30 were still asleep or at work or at school. NDP supporters were still hungover from the previous night's pot and beer.
Dokasa 8 months ago
Nope. Includes the environment. Even the glorious reference you posted - Haaaaavaaaard, no less! - included that, pal.
Nesar 8 months ago
That since was not a complete sentence. It was very confusing and had little do to with English,much less science.
Kalrajas 8 months ago
"The ICM opinion poll also indicates that a fifth have sympathy with the "feelings and motives" of the suicide bombers who attacked London last July 7, killing 52 people, although 99 per cent thought the bombers were wrong to carry out the atrocity."
Najora 7 months ago
And as evidence of that, I offer the fact that overwhelmingly out of the billion or so Muslims, that is what they believe and how they act.
Gosida 7 months ago
So-called "Christianophobia" is mostly whining by the extremists within Christianity because of the proper backlash to their presumed right to judge and then try to limit the civil rights of others in the false name of "freedom of religion. Real Christians, just like all truly spiritual people, whether members of organized religion or not, understand that other people won't always understand or appreciate their personal beliefs. Social and political pushback for the efforts of social conservatives to dictate human rights for other groups is not "Christianophobia." It's simply social justice and all the holy hypocrite whining in the world won't change that reality. When a self-styled "Christian" tries to use their community prominence to harm the lives of others, I choose to avoid doing business with them. That's not any sort of "phobia;" it's just common sense.
Mezim 7 months ago
You are not my neighbor but if it makes your day... I love you ??
Tojar 7 months ago
Essentially, the author is saying he/she had no idea what the universe was like and was guessing at what caused it. And in typically uneducated and self-centered fashion, they focused upon what they knew to be real as a starting point (heavens and Earth) and everything else was a guess.
Volabar 7 months ago
Also *found lol. Here is the link:
Zulkihn 6 months ago
well played Mr. Ford
Mooguk 6 months ago
I'm a bald fox. Does that count?
Negis 6 months ago
You've already shown your ignorance on understanding evolution, someone has already point out that you just like to copy and paste, with the intent to make it look like you know something.
Kigajora 6 months ago
No. Follow the points I wrote and the points that are not necessary to repeat.
Gusar 5 months ago
Our may was nice, but june has been in the 50's ... this sucks.

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