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"Isnt the same logic being used if someone were to say something along the lines of 'so many of humanity believes in a deity, only you're right'?"

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Gukazahn 8 months ago
While Catholic Europe was descending into the dark ages, ruled by the church which opposed all scientific advance, the Islamic countries and China were flourishing.
Meztibei 8 months ago
Yes, you can. It's called 'faith.'
Mooguhn 8 months ago
If only we all saw this issue as an opportunity to learn. Thank you for your views, Tom. ???????
Zolotilar 7 months ago
It's like they are all 5 years old.
Araramar 7 months ago
?Pretty obvious to me that life was done on purpose?
Doran 7 months ago
BCs can also help stop the spread of STDs. Especially relevant now that strains are resistant to antibiotics
Meztizahn 7 months ago
OMG what is this? I am dying over here.
Nijind 6 months ago
I just spotted Elton John.
Nazragore 6 months ago
Toxic masculinity =Telling boys they have to be a certain way or else they?re a ?p*ssy? or not a man. Telling them they can?t express their feelings or cry. Insisting they have to dress a certain way or have a particular body type to be masculine. Teaching boys to treat women as subhuman or sex objects.
Fenrijinn 6 months ago
Complacency is not always the worst thing in the world if you are content with one another, but if you are not take the initiative to speak up, male or female.
Meztijinn 6 months ago
hardness of your heart and the love of your sins, you have rejected your only hope.
Vijas 6 months ago
What do people feel about the difference between a spiritual person and a religious person?
Kazilkree 6 months ago
You've made claims about liberty nearly a dozen times in this thread. Your intentions are clear, including your misrepresentation of the facts in the case. I don't know what planet you're living on where what you posted in the thread is actually true, given the ruling in the case. This entire thread is a farce.
Gardajinn 6 months ago
He tries so hard.
Brale 5 months ago
"She depicts Muhammad as a revolutionary who struggled for a more just social order."
Malall 5 months ago
You shouldn't be in a relationship of you have an untreated illness like depression and whatnot.
Shaktirg 5 months ago
Divine scapegoat Andy! Divine scapegoat!
Zulkir 5 months ago
I'd like our relationship to have enough security where we both could admire a beautiful women / man.
Fenrile 5 months ago
Well, sacrificing folk to appease the gods is no longer socially acceptable and I'm sure your post to me would have been one of the responses giving to the objectors at the time. Call me a dreamer if you like.
Malall 5 months ago
Since Augustus Caesar, the emperors had deified themselves. And what better way than to be conceived directly by a God?
Zulkigami 5 months ago
That's what's up.
Nilrajas 4 months ago
There is no such thing as "true communism" outside of a monastery. There is no socialist/collectivist system (Socialism, fascism, communism) where the people are allowed any real power. They might be allowed to vote, but those in power will always get 80-99% of the vote because those in power count the votes. The goal IS control of the economy. When you control retirements, healthcare, property rights, and the economy, what else is there? Just government.
Fenrizil 4 months ago
Trump is playing for team Moscow.
Gardasar 4 months ago
Ooooowwwww gravity! One of my nemesis
Fenrishakar 4 months ago
Jesus Christ you don't pay attention well.
Moogujas 4 months ago
"It murdered Christ...remember?"
Dinris 4 months ago
He has demonstrated Himself.
Dorisar 3 months ago
He pulled off Churchill very well.

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