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"And straight into the personal insults. Predictable as always."

Ridder Barebacks Ian Torres

" She said to herself, flipping through the pictures she was looking at. She agreed and we all went in to the house. I chose that there would be a groundout, and luckily there was.

Ridder Barebacks Ian Torres

Melissa told me she was 34, married with no children. "There was a vicious sexual assault earlier today," Supergirl said. I knew that you were tired but I had no idea that a double shot of my love would drain you of all your energy. There was a stereo built into the wall with surround sound speakers all over the ceiling.

I had to have his dick back in my pussy.

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Kazirn 1 year ago
report, if you feel the need. i'm sure a mod will get to it.
Meztile 11 months ago
Great. Back to sleep sheep
Dousho 11 months ago
Stepping well aside from the word feminism and literally any discussion thereof, I will weigh in on the 'why do folks judge other folks' part.
Nikogul 11 months ago
Lol. Yea I have lots of years left. My baby girl is still very young. But I'm ok with that. Wish they could be kids forever.
Narisar 11 months ago
Try this. Death rates are very similar for all demographic groups, except blacks.
Dousar 11 months ago
The gays always pushed to the edge of society even in Europe where the migrant crisis brings a bad effect reinforced the nationalist views where is no places for the people whom are different from the majority. That is why the PRIDE is a very important event which can take a "big" step against the discrimination.
Akinogrel 10 months ago
Read his final book, The Grand Design.
Mijas 10 months ago
Believing without empirical evidence, yes. But not without evidence. Metaphysical truths are more fundamental than empirical or contingent truths. Metaphysical truths are necessary, rather than contingent.
JoJotilar 10 months ago
Christianity would have to evolve or perish, no resurrections allowed....
Zulkinos 10 months ago
Does YHWH incorporate Ninkasi and if so, how?
Shakat 10 months ago
*pats on back* there there
Fesho 10 months ago
Good news for the Conservatives:
Vudozil 10 months ago
My temporary passengers:
Kezil 9 months ago
1. Do you hold the view political ideologies like communism are 'bad' because they are atheist led?
Voodoorisar 9 months ago
Are you saying the Bible contains no poetry?
Kizil 9 months ago
What's that mean?
Samutilar 9 months ago
Sorry,it wasn't a joke,Trump really believed it,yes he's that dumb........
Gagis 9 months ago
There were no wars about race in history. That is why the US obsession with race looks peculiar. In Russia people or different racial groups lived in harmony for centuries. Many Russians from Siberia have mongolian blood which you can see in their appearance. An example is Yul Brynner. They are still regarded as 100% Russians.
Mikarg 9 months ago
I think what we need to take into account is that we have multiple ways of dating things. If it can be shown that dating by DNA mutation is way out, we still have things like carbon and argon dating and the fossil record and the geological record.
Zolodal 9 months ago
Yup an I'll NEVER buy another might just sell the 1 I've got before the value drops
Kigarg 8 months ago
I can assure you that there was never any legislation that permitted this behavior for business.
Nikole 8 months ago
The First Amendment's free exercise of religion does not grant someone the ability to use their religion to ignore laws.
Dat 8 months ago
It's fairly predictable. Flip a coin. Heads it's Turdowe's fault. Tails it's Turdowe's fault. The simplicity of the mindset is almost adorable.
Vikree 8 months ago
And you think 20 years will make much of a difference? The Egyptians had their timer down pretty well. How much disagreement is there and what specifically ar3 your concerns.
Vorg 8 months ago
I?m not trolling, I am asking an honest question.
Kilmaran 8 months ago
Loved that bit. Johnny laid out all types of things for Uri to work on, didn't push anything. Uri getting upset claiming he couldn't work if Carson kept pushing him to do things.
Gojas 7 months ago
Admitting you're an atheist is a giant step. You immediately brand yourself a weirdo. No offense meant, but atheists are looked upon as "strange."
Mahn 7 months ago
LOLOLOL she looks 24 still
Tagul 7 months ago
Uh, more guns? No thanks. I became a Christian only after a long period of following my own high moral ground after leaving atheism in High School. I studied Bio Anthro, worked for a Ralph Nader legacy, learned about Greenpeace, went to work in Africa, worked in NYC in Social Services with substance abusers, and later in financial services on Wall St.
Faezuru 7 months ago
so, if you hear the song,,"fish net panty hose," do you have flash backs?
Vurr 6 months ago
ooh, sorry about her hand. Was the bacon okay though?
Majind 6 months ago
I got a D in high school phsyics. I passed by the skin of my teeth. I was also lucky enough to have full control of my limbs and speech. Stephen Hawking was an active scientist who regularly advanced the field of physics. He also reached the point where his body had completely betrayed him and he still kept going. The response from you fundies when he passed was disgusting. The man had one of the greatest minds on Earth and you treated him like shit.
Mooguramar 6 months ago
totally. damn glaucoma. it's a beast.

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