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879 11:0911 months ago

"lol, ya I didn't understand most of it so felt it better to keep my mouth shut :-)"

Greatest Gloryhole Compilation Pt.2

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"Elsa, open the damn door," Anna pleaded. As Samantha brushed past them, her pinned tits were proudly on display. Mike found Cindy very attractive and she made him so horny. To this very day Claudette still lives with us. "Kiki it is; so glad I got it right; it's hard for us yokels to tell the difference between you North Americans; are you staying in the village".

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Vozil 11 months ago
But this isn't something that's behind him. And reputation is a funny asset for celebrities...Katy Perry could very well fall from a change in public mores she could never have predicted, and ultimately few (if any) would want to take a shot promoting her without some serious planning for how she's going to tackle the come back. And that's without even committing a crime.
Kagal 10 months ago
But I then pose a question to you, are there people immoral enough in this world to have their entire line destroyed. Remember that was common place up until say the enlightenment.
Shaktikinos 10 months ago
There is a difference in power between the CEO and an intern, and in most organizations this type of behavior would result in disciplinary action against the CEO.
Vudotaur 10 months ago
right... Trump pardons a black woman because he's a racist.. HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!
Shakacage 10 months ago
"The Catholic Church complains that many of the proposed laws to fix the above would damage the "ethos" of their schools."
Net 10 months ago
I am sorry.
Vishicage 9 months ago
Baseball is long, often. 3 hours, sometimes. I dunno about rugby and cricket, your imaginary sports.??
Dak 9 months ago
Ok, maybe the Weinstein analogy doesn't cut it just because I'm not the one working for him. This is still a situation where a man in a more senior position is trying to use his status to get away with behavior that is otherwise very inappropriate for a business setting. He would have been set straight in a much more forceful manner if I did not need to consider my boyfriend working with him.
Gotaur 9 months ago
That's fallacious reasoning. It's not that I disagree about his motivation, but it's the result that matters. His theory either stands on its own merits, or it doesn't. Autobiographical and psychological appeals have no place in evaluating these merits.
Shagis 9 months ago
Professing to be wise, they became fools
Brahn 8 months ago
How you doin' sexy?
Shajinn 8 months ago
Research all you want. You'll find the Bible's "prophesies" all fall into one of four categories:
Kikus 8 months ago
Celtic Britons emerged in Wales after the Roman withdrawal in the fifth century.
Taumuro 8 months ago
It wasn't nonsense. The Harper government was ripping the veterans off on benefits. The Liberals had fixed some of it but have not gone far enough in my opinion. But they've certainly been a hell of a lot better than the conservatives were
Goltihn 8 months ago
Only because it's the truth.
Araran 7 months ago
i thought i would NEVER say this to you,, buddy, but
Voodookinos 7 months ago
I agree, that is why Einstein doesn't deserve any credit. He is a liar and a thief, like all Jews.
Kazrajin 7 months ago
I was just thinking this, lie and then after the wedding send the baker a picture of the two grooms
Tojaran 7 months ago
Whoever is paying him made a better investment than the person paying Rudy Giuliani.
Vuzshura 7 months ago
So nothing you perceived as god through an event could be chance or error?
Kigazahn 6 months ago
NSFW - and I am at work
Gozilkree 6 months ago
Nice! Enjoy the early day!
Dabar 6 months ago
For those who do not have difficulty with math that means that 64.15% of all of the intelligent voters in Canada voted for Trudeau's Liberals.

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