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"Because separation of church and state isn?t in the constitution."

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Gasida 9 months ago
The money has been promised, not spent. And adding another $5B to it is all Ford's doing.
Fauzragore 9 months ago
I get it! I'm an atheist and I'm scum! LAY OFF!! ;-)
Tukazahn 8 months ago
EU isn't a "key ally" - militarily, they're parasites who we've spent trillions protecting.
Mazutaur 8 months ago
Experience is the best teacher. It is not something that can be taught with words or books.
Akinorr 8 months ago
You demanded someone articulate and defend a statement? How dare you!
Nemi 8 months ago
Isn't it cool that we can say that?! I think so.
Zugami 8 months ago
Any particular examples of things you think are far worse?
Vujora 7 months ago
I'm going to need a drink first :)
Malakazahn 7 months ago
"Math can be proven, it actually exists. Not so for God." Me.
Kazidal 7 months ago
If government run schools only taught one religion, they would be establishing it as the state religion.

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