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"She did. She claimed she was a minority in an Association of American Law Schools directory. She admitted she did that because of her claimed Native American hertiage."

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Zulkile 1 year ago
Whoa, Rambler - that is quite the site !!
Sagal 1 year ago
In a Conservative?
Tesho 1 year ago
Your reasoning is sound as long as you stick to the premise. But that's not what we deal with with other theists. They claim divine intervention, aka detectable physical interaction. That's the point where "prove god and I'll believe" becomes a valid request.
Murr 1 year ago
Scientific theory is never elevated to law. That's just not how it works. A scientific law predicts what happens; a theory proposes why. A theory will never become a law, though the development of one often triggers progress on the other.
Najas 1 year ago
Haha...lets not get too worked up, after all it's your faith that's crumbling as we speak.
Shakakinos 11 months ago
don't discriminate... lmao
Mazushicage 11 months ago
I'm not sure why this particular book is given so much credence by the OP when other scholarly works on the topic are dismissed as peddling a politically useful myth. Perhaps because THIS book happens to agree with the prejudices that the OP happens to already hold?
Tygolkree 11 months ago
I want to comfort you with the idea that plenty of people in the past 2500 years have considered Judaism an ugly cult, with barbaric rituals, that needed government action taken against them to "normalize them" and make them like everyone else.
Jugrel 11 months ago
The French have been cowards ever since Napolean bled all the bravery out of the nation over 200 years ago.
Kajilmaran 11 months ago
Do you mean they could sweep Hiroshima under the rag?
Tygokree 10 months ago
I?m turning 29 next month!!! I?m almost one year away from not being called a baby anymore at work!! Lol
Mim 10 months ago
You don't like your own company?
Kigagal 10 months ago
Very true, Plato actually has evidence that he existed.
Akikora 10 months ago
Again the statement-
Vudocage 10 months ago
Nobody actually chooses their sexuality. It can't be chosen. Every single study on it shows this to be true.
Sagore 10 months ago
that's certainly what I was taught
Kigashura 10 months ago
Because we're nosy AF
Guzuru 9 months ago
Only once lol
Gatilar 9 months ago
Awwwww, still triggered from that argument you lost three weeks ago? :(
Samugore 9 months ago
False.It is true.
Moogur 9 months ago
A poll of which is worse (especially when it comes to religious ideologies and is heavily loaded like this one) tend to become a race to the bottom.
Salkis 9 months ago
With God we get more than one shot. The love and grace of God gives us many chances. As long as we know in our heart when we do wrong and turn to God about it. Like a child turning to their dad and talking to him about it. The relationship and love between them, the love of a father for their child. He will love and care and help and confort and forgive many times.
Voodootaxe 9 months ago
He's correct. It is a con game. It is a lie.
Teramar 9 months ago
Martyrdom is hardwired into their indoctrination.
Zulkidal 8 months ago
There are fundamentalist Christian terror groups worldwide, so please get off the high horse.

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