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"Or 30. 50? More going back further. Who knows when we'll understand all the variables. Archaeologists love it though. It DOES solve problems for them."

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" "No that is not the case at all. " She shoved me back lengthways onto the couch and I complied. "Yes, sir, we are" rachel said. I put Karen done and she walks to her mother.

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We headed towards the back yard. I accepted her leash from Lex and pulled Supergirl towards me. The sun was starting to set, but it was still light and would be for about another half hour.

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Gardajind 1 year ago
Better to just accept & move on, I know!
Nilabar 1 year ago
"It doesn't have to have anything to do with Trump personally."
Feramar 1 year ago
How are you holding up since the Diet Coke incident from yesterday?
Goltiktilar 11 months ago
Off your meds?
Nigor 11 months ago
As I wrote in my first answer I'd like to have them for pets...they are so beautiful and their sing is really *something.
Tolkis 11 months ago
Celebrity guests include Idris Elba, The Beckhams, Oprah, the Clooneys, Serena Williams, James Corden, Troian Bellasario, the cast of Suits, and Priyanka Chopra.
Mugor 11 months ago
Lemme Guess, all of the requested volumes would be along the bottom shelf.
Meztilmaran 11 months ago
That would be tougher. Then again 2.1 billion people do not worship Hannibal. It wouldn?t be much of an issue if we found out that he didn?t actually do the stuff that he claimed he did.
Mogrel 10 months ago
This is just about the dumbest thing Wombosi read today.
Zuzil 10 months ago
Highly unlikely. The Liberals will rise again. Just look at the federal level.
Samubei 10 months ago
Cool. I go to at least one Argo game but I prefer going to Buffalo or Detroit.
Zolokora 10 months ago
So you don?t know then?
Meztikasa 10 months ago
Yeah I mean I feel like people are going to be hurt
Shalabar 10 months ago
The question was whether or not Richard Dawkins and others who push modern Darwinian Evolution are being fundamentalists. You did not address that question. Applying what Gould said to the second question can give you a logical argument that the word anti theist was the incorrect term to use. That?s all. It doesn?t magically change the question to whether or not reductionists are reductionists. The question is still whether or not they are being fundamentalists.
Mezitaxe 10 months ago
Really? That is all it takes? Heads up Christians... You are off the hook!
Tukree 9 months ago
"Does it matter?" That's a question which has confounded philosophers and bar patrons for dozens of years.
Mat 9 months ago
Q1: In light of these remarkable claims, is it not reasonable/understandable that our blogger above would reject these religious notions because s/he sees them as "illogical and un-provable?" On the contrary, doesn?t our blogger ?deserve credit? for using our tool of logic in questioning their validity?
Mekree 9 months ago
Legally, you can not be forced to give your blood, much less your kidney. I do not find abortion immoral, I often find it the moral and logical call to make.
Dishura 9 months ago
We're also attacking their attacks. :)
Zuluzilkree 9 months ago
Your insecurity is on display.
Dosida 8 months ago
I suspect that the greatest danger faced by our species is the failure to discriminate between "sugar and shit."
Gagar 8 months ago
It's apparently what people think Freedom of Speech means
Meztigul 8 months ago
actually, it's more like, until evidence supports the claim, I will continue to think it is bogus. Just like I do for the loch ness monster

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