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"I do not care what YOU think about anything."


One decided to keep her quiet by straddling her face and covering it fully with her now plum pussy lips, and continued to kiss me, while the third went behind me and started illustrafed suck and lick my balls as I was penetrating her friend and also helping out with the moisture on her blonde lover's pussy.

I warped us both back to my base. She wasn't going to kill me. Just as Libby was starting to cumI lifted her legs and pushed her knees against her luscious tits, forcing my cock deeper into her pussy.

Both Sally and Timmy somehow managed to keep silent as they came and Julie blew a kiss and hung up on her husband. I walked over to Supergirl in her pajamas. "Oh my god, I'm so late, I've got to sporta out of here.

One of my friends Rebecca stayed after class and was asking me some fitness related questions since she was training for a triathlon.

With every forceful thrust I deposited another load of hot steaming cum deep illusgrated inside her love hole. I took my clothes off.

They were sitting near the middle of the high table, Anna sitting right next to the massive gold-inlaid chair that was reserved for Elsa. I walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water to see Troy sitting at the illusyrated room table, he stood up when he saw slorts.

It was already 6 pm and we we're watching tv, her mum doesn't come home till next day she spoorts overnight at her boyfriends house. I really had no other choice. The three women by now were well gone in pure pleasure, the one in the middle had the vibrator deeply in her pussy, with the others licking at her clit.

I'm holding Heath's little girl and she is stealing more and more of my heart as we talk. I leaned over and whispered to her, "You have to stop.

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Fenriran 8 months ago
I never said that you need my approval. Strawman argument. I must admit that you are definitely very good at one thing though: illogical ad hominem attacks.
Meztisho 8 months ago
Careful, I see the Hulk coming next!
Tagrel 7 months ago
What ifffffff. Youuuu did?
Tygolkree 7 months ago
We tend to agree on some big things, but definitely not on everything and definitely not even all big things.
Samujar 7 months ago
I didnt say we did... go back... read it again.
Samubar 6 months ago
My sister was murdered 14years ago. They guy whom murdered her was a Pentecostal man,, he left church used lie cheated. Murdered and now he repented and possible he might see heaven? I am a Christian woman and I forgive and forget type of attitude but hey GOD is forgiving and what can I say. I miss her I love her but I am sure there is more to this God stuff for "sinners" myself included. Not trying to offend noone so don't chew my head off.
Zulujinn 6 months ago
Yes, they overturned it.
JoJocage 6 months ago
I have no idea who killed him..I was speaking of the deporting without any consideration to circumstances and whether they were contributing to the country...and every one I have heard talk...they are not nice people..
Sajora 6 months ago
Nuts. Occam's Razor and probability suggests gods either don't exist or if they do exist, they couldn't care less.
Akilabar 6 months ago
We still going? Is there something you still need to hash out?
Fauzil 6 months ago
come to think of it, elves and fairies don't pay taxes either... i think i'm starting to connect the dots
Bralkree 6 months ago
"The origin of the singularity is a matter of scientific speculation."
Kazrarn 6 months ago
There's plenty of things as bad laws. Like laws in certain states which prohibit atheists and other non-Christians from entering public office. That is a bad law.
Tobar 5 months ago
"Morality coming from evolution" would explain why there are good people in various religions and also the non-religious. Religion was fostered by evolution because religions encourage cooperation (and hence improves the odds of surviving)

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