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Jushakar 8 months ago
? and this guy retired as a Lt Col? Can recognize the real assault weapon, from what you see on the gun shows? No wonder he never made it to General.
Kigaran 8 months ago
I would be more worried about the flooding from all of those tears.
Kazijinn 8 months ago
Ok great, The Catholic church did bad things acknowledged.
Tegami 7 months ago
No, it's take away your power.
Goltibar 7 months ago
I figured you'd come whining here with some BS in I am wrong. This is why I took a screen shot of your words directly.
Gronos 7 months ago
You hope Islam will improve by itself. Regardless of any real ground for this hope, currently it is what it is: a violent totalitarian ideology that kills people every day.
Nikozil 7 months ago
You don't send science anywhere. And you don't because you don't have standing to make those decisions. You don't have the education, training, or experience to do so.
Narisar 7 months ago
"Choosing a different church is not choosing a different god."
Dotaxe 7 months ago
Well we are here. Regardless of what you call the prime mover, we are here. Clearly we do not need to be here, but we are.
Aracage 6 months ago
That's the one that dislikes green tractors with yellow wheels. We named him 'Fendt'.
Fenrira 6 months ago
Oh for crying out loud. It's hair, it will grow back. After an incident where my mother had a hairdresser in a foreign country cut my hair against my will, super short btw, I paid for my own damn hair cuts, and told my parents to suck it!
Nilmaran 6 months ago
Maybe, but until Christianity, the secular world DIDN'T produce any of these things, and many of these things didn't come into being until Christianity was embraced.
Merg 6 months ago
But what about snowflakes? They must be created, they are too unique and complex to be natural!!!
Manris 6 months ago
No he didn?t.
Yosho 5 months ago
"Dad, you know I bet old Joseph the Carpenter would make a great husband."
Tutaur 5 months ago
I call BULLsh*t.
Zunris 5 months ago
"Morality coming from evolution" would explain why there are good people in various religions and also the non-religious. Religion was fostered by evolution because religions encourage cooperation (and hence improves the odds of surviving)
Moogut 5 months ago
Why did you vote for one that could?
Nejind 5 months ago
Nothing? I didn?t think so.
Nar 4 months ago
I learned that a moderator that decides to end name calling by calling people a dick and a child doesn't deserve my participation in their childish group

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