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"I think the idea of keeping endangered birds safe is wonderful!"

Interactive - Heather Starlet & Madison Ivy Take Turn Pleasuring Each Other

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Interactive - Heather Starlet & Madison Ivy Take Turn Pleasuring Each Other

Then it hit me, Kayko hadn't let me finish. He grabbed the back of his thy with his left hand, bent over and put his 11" cock into his own mouth.

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Zulugul 1 year ago
This guy just waffles. His name and his beliefs are a massive contradiction. He can't reason at all.
Mumi 1 year ago
I do not make stuff up and I have always hated those who do. A lot of atheists are atheists for pretty much that reason right there. They smell a rat
Samular 1 year ago
Mark Twain said it best. "Some People Are Troubled by the Things in the Bible They Can?t Understand. The Things That Trouble Me Are the Things I Can Understand."
Tak 1 year ago
"before they suggest we start judging people on the basis of things so subjective as 'it made me feel uncomfortable'."
Maukree 1 year ago
LOL, I'm curious what kind of scenario he imagines must exist for him to accept what is considered scientific fact on climate change.
Vocage 11 months ago
If only he had ponied up for the cleaning bill for that blue dress. Always thought it was odd that she saved it in that state, like a trophy.
Marisar 11 months ago
It's almost like first, second, and third places were awarded for who was the lardiest...
Vushicage 11 months ago
That's absolutely, 100% untrue, and based solely on your desire that they be described this way.
Dougul 11 months ago
You could be hanged by either group.
Kirisar 11 months ago
I didn't say what it was, I provided a definition.
Dosida 10 months ago
pfft lol like it's tough to get on the Dean's list. f*cking douchecanoe.
Bragar 10 months ago
You should have gotten some freaky business trip sex! I'm married, I need stories about freaky business trip sex while I'm drinking :p
Sagis 10 months ago
If no one pays any attention to us, why are there so many of us? What evolutionists are trying to prove is "God doesn't exist". If you put all the parts in a box, and have enough boxes and enough time one of them will produce a fully functional F15 Jet fighter. Sound far fetched? That is exactly the same scenario the evolutionists want us to believe about how life started.
Arabar 10 months ago
Not everyone's values are for sale though .
Zolok 10 months ago
LOL!! I do NOT care what the world thinks! Why should I? The world is passing away. But my home in heaven is forever.
Kazrajin 9 months ago
Funny how the woman caught in adultery does not appear prior to the Codex Bezae of the 400's or 500's and is not found in the Codices Sinaiticus and Vaticanus. Prior to this time, was this god of yours out having a beer?
Virr 9 months ago
My mood is great :)
Moogugor 9 months ago
Incredible obtuseness. Ring species create hybrids. geeeez And some ring species fail others don't.
Fell 9 months ago
Well I understand everyone has their own views and I can't expect everyone to feel like me
Kazizil 9 months ago
We're only just getting more so-called "plus sized" models (but really shouldn't they be called "average" sized models? Everything is a little bit odd when it comes to fashion). And aren't many clothing retailers/department stores in Chapter 11 because they are not catering to their customers and providing clothing for them to wear?
Fenrisida 9 months ago
Freedom to choose is the basis of True Love. That is why two Paths were created.

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