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"No, the earth is not flat."

Twistys - Dont Make Me Wait - Kali Rose

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Twistys - Dont Make Me Wait - Kali Rose

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Shakamuro 10 months ago
Talking snakes, talking donkeys, impossible floods, living inside a whale, .... certainly requires the suspension of rational logic for me.
Brajar 10 months ago
It sounds like letting jerks off the hook. I was more sensitive when I was younger as well and had to become a bit tougher, so I get that. Part of that was not letting people off the hook for awful behavior or making excuses for them.
Nagor 10 months ago
If this is not your way to start discussions about abortions, you may have wanted to consider a different analogy.
Vomuro 10 months ago
Did someone say cleavage???
Daigal 9 months ago
"He that sits in the heavens shall laugh [at them]". One of the more politically incorrect concepts in the Bible.
Kajibei 9 months ago
Overturning precedent doesn?t violate the constitution.
Kigagor 9 months ago
I'm talking about North America and specifically the US. Can we focus on that first before going to the other side of the world where it's a completely different culture/rules of law. Plus, you are so happy you found ONE example, yet there are literally thousands of examples all over the world where guns are forbidden and gun deaths are through the roof. The fact is, in America, every city (no exception) that has strict gun-controls, has higher violence and gun violence than those cities that don't. Prove me wrong smart ass!
Digrel 9 months ago
So if he gets another job someday, then you can say , see?
Mejora 9 months ago
Good morning ca.....
Kazuru 9 months ago
I hear the Devil wears Prada.
Maujar 8 months ago
Then you're perpetrating a fraud and you lose.
Nikogal 8 months ago
But Ninkasi is the best.
Kazikora 8 months ago
Blah blah blah. Nice psychoanalysis
Sakus 8 months ago
nah, just look in the mirror, and reflect on our life, and do this every day for a minute or two, and you will discover it's you that has been immoral, is currently immoral, and will continue to be immoral.
Fenrizilkree 8 months ago
Do you have children? If so, you have fewer options but you can at least remind him that someday they will get married and how would he want their spouse to react to the situation he is in. If you don't have children tell him that anyone willing to have an emotional affair with a married man will have an emotional affair when she's a married woman to him, too and that while its cute now when its no longer forbidden it will be dull and boring. Then go get your jush. Go find something fun for yourself. Spend money on a new style. Don't be the nagging wife. Be the "What is my wife doing that she won't tell me about all dressed up like that on a Friday night" wife. Be mysterious.
Tolabar 8 months ago
Yes it is ...
Sarn 7 months ago
if God is an alien, yeah. just visiting here...New Jerusalem comes down from the clouds etc. Hey...Gods not from here.
Arazragore 7 months ago
Clothing should be optional
Fesida 7 months ago
You couldn't be more wrong. But, French toast is better than both.
Shaktijora 6 months ago
Cameron, Norman; Stevens, R. H. Stevens; Weinberg, Gerhard L.; Trevor-Roper, H. R. (2007). Hitler's Table Talk 1941-1944: Secret Conversations. New York: Enigma Books p.48: On 14 October 1941, in an entry concerning the fate of Christianity, Hitler says: "Science cannot lie, for its always striving, according to the momentary state of knowledge, to deduce what is true. When it makes a mistake, it does so in good faith. It's Christianity that's the liar. It's in perpetual conflict with itself."
Mazilkree 6 months ago
What is alarmist about or pseudo about a hot May?
Kazibei 6 months ago
I prefer Fundamentalist Christians at least they have the courage of their convictions.
Samushura 6 months ago
I guess she really likes sex, hmm good for her
Mubei 6 months ago
He did say the old rules were in effect. It was the church that later changed that
Nezshura 6 months ago
Define "false knowledge" as you are using the phrase, please.
Meztigor 6 months ago
On vacation? We have those here in the office.
Kegor 5 months ago
Thanks for clarifying.
Mara 5 months ago
Acknowledging that racism exists, past and present is just acknowledging reality.
Jum 5 months ago
I think it's a false dichotomy to assume if you are pro-life, you also have to be against the death penalty... It's two separate issues best viewed as such I suppose...That said, I'm very iffy on the death penalty. I think there are cases where it's appropriate. But I also cringe at the number of men, particularly black men, who either were executed innocently before better physical evidence existed (namely DNA) or who have come remarkably close.
Nitaxe 5 months ago
If the universe is alive then it isn't a type of life that we are familiar with, e.g. biologicial, and our assumptions about life, and how it comes about, may not be accurate.

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