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"LOL, have you missed all the court cases in the US where religious people get slapped on the fingers for violating the constitution?"

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" Come here Timmy darling Sally needs your prick this morning" The boy stepped close to her still trying to watch her dung coming out. I thought it was about time to head home, because I didn't just want to play in the mall.

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He licked and sucked on her clit and she laid there in the ultimate pleasure as she felt her orgasm start to flood her body. "I mean, fuck. I normally undressed there, leaving all of my smelly clothes outside.

Kelli starts typing back, "So, Did you enjoy it?" "You know I did. My wife said, "Be prepared to throw your clothes away afterwards.

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Douzilkree 10 months ago
Who throws away cars??? Put that [email protected] in the yard!!! Use it for spare parts and stray cats!
Kekora 10 months ago
There is a conservative Catholic site Lifesitenews where is is pretty much the antichrist!
Tut 10 months ago
Exactly. Nice summary btw. That's primarily why I can't stand Ford. He lies, he uses the system to enrich himself, all while pretending to be for the "little guy". What horse manure. Druggie is in it for himself. Full stop. If he wins it is to rub peoples noses in it, not out of some deep concern for the little guy.
Fenrizil 10 months ago
Forever is indeed part of eternity however forever and eternity are not the same thing.
Yozshulkis 9 months ago
Thank you. I want to be as good for him as he is for me. I think I'm going to have to invite his friend over and be super nice to him now.
Tabar 9 months ago
Can you give one example of a clear piece of misinformation?
Viktilar 9 months ago
Like your wedding, right?
Arataxe 9 months ago
Hogg is not a child, not sure about you.
Kajar 9 months ago
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Of course, I too wrote in my next to the last sentence, "May I suggest that all language is ultimately symbolic including that of science and religion?" However, I also quotations from Einstein and Russell M. Nelson on this topic. Further, within this stream I have shared a statement from scientist Francis Collins (another MD/ PhD like Nelson) who was the director of the
JoJogore 8 months ago
It's culture, not race. Also colonialism at play. Give Democrats enough power and the US will be as corrupt as any third world country. In the US, the government (Democrats) purposely designed programs that reward broken families and failure as they punish those who wish to succeed. 50 years later, we have what we have.

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