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"I?d say the majority of Christians aren?t very Christian."

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Was I going to survive this relationship. I snapped out of my fantasy to have what was probably the most mind blowing orgasm I ever had. "Really.

I was thinking about a good punishment, and suddenly I had it. "Kiki, Millers knows about every single item in this place; nothing gets past him". " "Let me guess, I have to make sure my tits are visible again?" "Not quite what I had in mind. In about 10 minutes, she had spend about a 2700, and she was proud of it too.

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" Oh God. But the theater was far from where I lived and it was unlikely that anyone I knew would be anywhere close to there. I remember you" "Oh God.

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Aranos 10 months ago
We are provably and measurably living increasingly better, more hardship free, longer, richer, safer, easier, happier and more content lives than we ever have before and we owe it all to the very thing that religion juxtaposes - science.
Diramar 10 months ago
My mom always told me I would be someone special one day.
Kakora 10 months ago
Do you believe in global warming?
Mulrajas 10 months ago
"Why are folk so reluctant to make the decision to call themselves atheist?"
Nara 9 months ago
We?ll see what you libbies ?discover?... ha ha ha ha
Golkis 9 months ago
Everyone interprets the bible that was my point. No one does or lives their lives exactly like the bible narrative whether it is the good parts or the bad parts. Since there is on official correct way to interpret the bible an argument can be made that all interpretations are correct.
Dizragore 9 months ago
"Every since I was a young boy...."
Mazurg 9 months ago
Haha, that's funny! You implied that freedumb is capable of realizing things!
Kerisar 9 months ago
We saw some record lows in March and April.
Julkree 8 months ago
You know that you haven't disproved evolution, right? This little facet doesn't show evolution as false. It's something we simply have discovered.
Maulabar 8 months ago
But they don't follow all of them. Keeping the Sabbath holy? Not having idols? What Christian follows those two?
Tugar 8 months ago
Staying happy takes work. Now buck up everybody. Life is hard, more so for some.
Muzshura 8 months ago
Uh huh, of course I have sweet heart.
Satilar 8 months ago
And you are arguing against what?
Shaktijin 7 months ago
She is not.
Mosida 7 months ago
What ever dude.
Nibar 7 months ago
I know. No human are. Specially when you meet them. Credibility is established as you know them better. So you need to walk the way with me. But not just for that sake. Fot a much better sake too. If you do not you are "loveless". Meaning you are just interested in testing your debating skills. I am Love. Meaning I am into Relationship. I am speaking to you for the sake of who you are and not just testing my debating ability against yours. That is very inferior human existence. God give us Family.
Gardalmaran 7 months ago
?which seems to acknowledge that there are other gods. At least, in the minds of his audience.
Maukinos 7 months ago
Agree. One of the legitimate criticisms I think people have of casual relationships is many people will resort to more misrepresentations and games than they would normally only because it's dealing with information that's not important for a casual relationship. Call it indulging in a fantasy they conscience wouldn't allow with serious partners if you will. Still, hopefully hurt over that isn't what ends things.
Araktilar 6 months ago
This is entirely different. One cannot compare race. I explained how.
Shaktizuru 6 months ago
I don't have a fear for them. I pity them, I hope they get helped. The suicidal pandemic that afflicts that community is staggering and I don't believe that making society accept this specific illness is helping them or us.
Got 6 months ago
No I don't know a lot of Switzerland. But I do know that 40% of the people there are not religious. That might not mean they are atheist. But they don't participate in the holy crap you referred to.

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