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"It is the word of God, there is no need to add 'infallible'."

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When it was over, I was too weak to move.

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Tazshura 1 year ago
That would be true for digestive worms but I believe heartworm is only transmitted by mosquito bites.
Najin 1 year ago
lmao, ok. Clearly you haven't talked to many christians!
Kalar 1 year ago
Well, the judge seemed to think he had a bias. More importantly, when two "rights" collide, the neutral position is the right one.
Mikasida 1 year ago
It's got to get over Cat 2 before it's worth leaving the party for.
Vudomuro 1 year ago
What he did is NOT considered murder
Mogul 11 months ago
"At least you now admitted it."
Akinojin 11 months ago
"it wasn?t just Christians" I assume you mean in the past tense. Well, how do we draw lines? I guess Corporate patent laws have influenced anti-Christian thinkers widely. The Greeks and Arabs established their patents on addition and Arabic numerals, so the Christians have only "helped" science.
Maushicage 11 months ago
I'm not doing your work for you.
Tagis 11 months ago
A perfectly correct answer. Your education is unmistakably visible.
Akikree 10 months ago
Also, while I am in grumpy new technology hating old man mode:
Motaur 10 months ago
And maybe they knew nothing about it.
Yozshull 10 months ago
I noticed you made you prior comment in relation to anti-islamophobia laws. I certainly can be critical of a few things in Islam, but by no means does that mean I am not critical of right-wing Christians or unable to express the teachings of Jesus Christ about spiritual growth training and ethics in relation to a loving God.
Nikus 10 months ago
That is how the story plays out, but I just don't see anything remotely credible in the Gospel narrative.
Zulkibar 10 months ago
Not true, scripture does indeed limit how we are to deal with others, and limits the right and duty to Judge, but it also calls on us to do so in many circumstances.
Samujar 10 months ago
I agree. Trump probably shouldn't discuss the finer points of the triangle offense or how to play a box and one D.
Bralrajas 10 months ago
I think Kim's going to wipe his ass on Trump's give-aways because it's all about ratings for Trump. He needs this to work at any COST because November is right around the corner. It will be expensive too.
Kisho 9 months ago
0, since there's no threat.
Shajin 9 months ago
LOL. Sorry. I just switched to digital. I was paying $18.00 a month for newspaper delivery. With the digital subscription I paid $29.00 for the entire year. It just seemed like a no brainer.
Kekus 9 months ago
See... who says you have nothing in common with each other?
Zulushakar 9 months ago
The evidence for an afterlife is slim and fading so a rational person would prioritize more likely events to ponder.
Tojazahn 8 months ago
""(after the big bang) If the neutron-to-proton mass ratio were even slightly different, we would be living in a very different universe: one, perhaps, with far too much helium, in which stars would have burned out too quickly for life to evolve, or one in which protons decayed into neutrons rather than the other way around, leaving the universe without atoms. So, in fact, we wouldn?t be living here at all?we wouldn?t exist""

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