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"Actually, Hudak didn't say that. He just said he would make massive cuts to the public service, but never sold the reason. He made that promise against all advice of his staff."

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bitch. I pulled it out, and moved around sominations her front, and we started to make out while watching her friends go down on each other.

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She screamed do it and kept fucking me. He kissed and played with her breasts as Cindy moaned in pleasure and begged for more. " Just then Tina and the driver returned.

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Zugor 4 months ago
I don't know. I've lived in Louisiana my whole life. Can't stand blues, jazz, or zydeco music.
JoJosar 4 months ago
I take my heaven with me.
Mogal 4 months ago
Most women will disagree.
Shakalmaran 4 months ago
I meant to say he has nothing whatever about homosexuality. What he has problem with is sex outside of marriage. Hetero or Homo.
Grokus 3 months ago
Yep. But luckily God teaches the same everywhere.
Vilrajas 3 months ago
Look, at the end of the day you are the one who has made the stupid claim; you reckon that twins can communicate by telepathy... however, you have not got any reliable evidence for this (if anybody did then it would be a
Arakinos 3 months ago
Explained that to you already, find it along this thread...good luck in your belief.
Diramar 3 months ago
There is nothing wrong with some socialism mixed with some capitalism . There is nothing wrong with religious freedom either. What creates the decline of Christianity will be the same forces that will lead to the decline of Islam, ie modernism. Also, while listing the attacks by Muslims in Europe, you seem to ignore European attacks in Muslim countries. Remove the beam in your own eye...
Tygokus 3 months ago
Welcome sweet cheeks! ;)
Nikoktilar 2 months ago
We are all born covered with slime and too concerned with breathing to think about whether we are theist or atheist.
Tygorn 2 months ago
Al Gore cosponsored an act of Congress which took the already existing and well used internet public.
Dikus 2 months ago
But seriously, what is wrong with enjoying the good life? I like to wine and dine. A meal without wine is called breakfast. Life is there to enjoy, without feeling guilty. Nine of the things I enjoy doing are seriously harmful to the planet.
Brami 2 months ago
We shall see.
Akinogor 1 month ago
Eh right you are. I got my history confused there.
Vubar 1 month ago
Easily one of the greatest men who ever lived. Oh and -
Vojora 1 month ago
If you think name calling is in anyway changing history, your wrong
Mar 1 month ago
Give them a raise!
Moogugar 1 month ago
That's actually a good point. Maybe people are becoming more devout. Environmentalist, Feminists, Atheists, Socialists, Hedonists, Abortionists, are all becoming more devout.
Yozshurisar 1 month ago
I was a christian for 35 years. All of a sudden, I don't understand?
Mauk 1 month ago
?????? no way!
JoJobar 1 month ago
Nope. Not on that exact topic. But I refer to the
Nam 1 month ago
"Beauty" can exist as a common concept, without there being an obsolute standard.
Gardarr 3 weeks ago
First and foremost I couldn't care less the race of either.
Taushakar 3 weeks ago
I would feed them. But they could turn viscous so...not a good idea either. ;(
Tygojind 2 weeks ago
The Abrahamic Judeo-Christian-Islamic Version Of God = 0
Mimi 1 week ago
Ah, so your contention is that it's not human if it can't live without something? Like a uterus?

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