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569 11:189 months ago

"Again, yes it is. You keep ignoring the decisions of the Supreme Court."

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I getting cannulatjon little warm under the hood over here. Supergirl slurred her words, "you make me feel good," and looked up at me, running her hands up my torso.

He had changed into a t-shirt and some basketball shorts and his hair was a bit wet and combed back. We got back to the camper and I saw my clothes were covered in shit, so I decided to change.

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"Okay," Mr. I was frothing at the mouth, this was just fucking amazing. It was running down my leg. My friends were there, of course, and we were just getting started on sticking some photographs onto Styrofoam frames when he first gave me a sign.

But now we were here, parked, ready to go inside. This was my sanctuary, where I could let my hair down, so to speak, and have fun. As I read, I noticed a slight twitching beneath David's night shirt.

He was lean, with nicely toned arms and a flat stomach that showed signs of developing abs. His bobbing slowed down and he pulled back a little to savor the taste of my cum that was filling his mouth fast.

And Papa?" I only nodded my head, in referral to our grandfather - cannu,ation father, as a fit of laughter overcame me.

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Shakaramar 9 months ago
God's an alien and got beat by other aliens with better ships?
Samusida 9 months ago
lol thats pretty good
Gubar 9 months ago
One would think that her attorney would have been smart enough to view the body cam footage before making any accusation.
Zulugore 8 months ago
The "truth" is all around you everyday. Unless you are living a lie.
Dogor 8 months ago
I'm not worried about his cheating. Even tho he was a grade a hoe before me, he really is a man of his word. Honor is super important to him. Its like he's from another time. I just am a time hoarder and I need to break myself of this.
Yosar 8 months ago
This was not a trap, just idiots being idiots. A guy knocks up a stripper then tricks her into a miscarriage/abortion!?! I agree with the sentence if not more.
Sall 8 months ago
Such a child that can only mimic without a single thought of your own. No wonder you are such an easy mark for religious nonsense.
Dolar 8 months ago
Only Americans worry about this.
Kajigrel 8 months ago
I don't know, I'm just telling you what happened.
Samunris 8 months ago
What's with all the bigoted idiots coming out of the woodwork lately? Are the Brownshirts back in town?
Gromi 7 months ago
I can't say anything. I'm the same way. If it's not going to be done the way I would've done it, I'd just as soon do it myself. Especially if the person KNOWS how I'd do it.
Samushicage 7 months ago
That was Stephs FMVP fuc'k you media
Yozshugrel 7 months ago
I see no conflict between certain religions and the sciences. That tells me the conflicts are in people's interpretations.
Vibar 7 months ago
OK, I'm tired. Let's both move on. Thanks for the discussion, though. :-)
Mek 7 months ago
But she dances so sincerely.
Tur 6 months ago
Ya you said that two weeks ago. How's it worked for ya? lol
Zunos 6 months ago
So the Last Supper never happened?

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