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"Read Andrews post..."

Obedient Anal Slave

Anna's hand became encased in a thin layer of ice, and she used her outdior hand to grab Elsa by the head. She knew it would piss him off but she wanted him to get a little worked up. Eventually her fingers started playing with the pins, pulling on them, twisting them.

She is confused.

Obedient Anal Slave

So I took her hand, and let her back out into the mall. It was a Thursday night and he was free to stay up and keep her company over the phone. I stood there in my bikini.

I struggled to control my heart rate, breathing heavily. It was already dark and with no electricity in the town, the darkness settled heavily. I would love to have my tongue on you right now!" Kelli, sent back in a text. " "That's right," I said and injected him, plunging the plunger.

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Zolojas 1 year ago
I've made an observation about *your* judging others. Your conscience might be telling you something.
Kagall 1 year ago
exactly, but thats not until nothing exists
Zull 1 year ago
I'll bet they still didn't sign it before they burned it.
Meztisar 1 year ago
Like Warren Buffett who still lives in his first home.
Kajora 11 months ago
How dare you not use capital letters!!!
Taucage 11 months ago
He pursued perfection? He took the easy way, that's never celebrated.
Vur 11 months ago
The picture pretty much sums it all up neatly. That is pretty much the conclusion I'we made at least.
Shakaktilar 11 months ago
Of course they have patterns, certain chemical bonds are more likely to form than others, and genetics is chemistry. That doesn't make them not random.
Tygole 11 months ago
Relevant, maybe. I found this
Zulutilar 11 months ago
Assign values to such things as that humans have been inventing gods since before we could write them down, that our universe with a god looks the same as one would look without a god, that the idea of gods demands faith (absence of reliable evidence), prayers are random and arbitrary, scientific explanations show there is no need for a god, etc.
Fejora 10 months ago
There's been an upswing in domestic violence between partners that are both women of color as of late. It's statistically quite noteworthy. It's something the people that study this stuff are just now starting to notice.
Kajilkis 10 months ago
Not everyone. I go to the wedding because I care about a friend's wedding...but I only stay for the reception because it would feel impolite to just leave.
JoJoshakar 10 months ago
You're right, bad joke. A teenager would be much too old.
Tom 10 months ago
I would imagine that most criminals obtain their weapons illegally by definition, likely stolen from someone who acquired them legally. I don't think anyone running against the NRA could win here. Odd that they picked a president that traded arms with Iran to aid "freedom fighters" in Nicaragua and flooded our streets with cocaine.
Mirg 10 months ago
Spoken like a true politician. JK Well said.
Meztizil 9 months ago
Hey, we all have sensitivities. Especially regarding the very things we've had to endure. I have them too and I appreciate your sincerity and authenticity. I don't think you're being oversensitive. You've just had a life experience that would impact anyone.

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