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"It may form the basis of all religions being equal in the US, but that just takes us back to the point there is a civil right to accept a public offer made by a business without discrimination of the customer because of religion or creed and that is what happened in all the wedding cases, the customer?s were refused because their beliefs about marriage were different than the business owner?s."

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Tum 1 year ago
I don't really need to say whatever's on my mind at all times. It's odd that some feel oppressed if they can't do that at work.
Migami 1 year ago
whatever drugs you are on i might cut back a tad
Fenrile 1 year ago
i had a student named "milo dick" and he had real issues withit..
Kagabar 1 year ago
see! That's a valid argument!!!
Doramar 1 year ago
so, if one doesn't believe in sasquatch, is that also a one way ticket to nowhere?
Yozshunos 1 year ago
pretty sure thats what people who get offended at
Malarn 1 year ago
Seattle and New York.
Meztik 11 months ago
No. Slaves are free...the free are slaves its about learning.
Shakasida 11 months ago
School Shooting today in Dixon, IL. The hometown of Ronald Reagan.
Tutaur 11 months ago
Or to put it another way: could you be any more lukewarm?
Kashicage 11 months ago
That rarely happens due to the cost of labor it is normally the otherway around. But if a product is produced in that manner it will not say "made in america" by law i believe it has to say" assembled in america with foreign and domestic components". Yet thst is still better than flat made in china...
Fautaxe 11 months ago
My wife would cut my balls off. Really she would. Well I am not going to chance it.
Mausida 11 months ago
That is what I just said.
Kazrasida 10 months ago
The NDP are being upfront about their commitments and putting them up for public scrutiny and review.
Kirisar 10 months ago
" ranting against Melons"? Did you honestly just say that?
Gojinn 10 months ago
Fear has no place in Love. God is Love and when one 'fears god' one will take upon themselves to be punished for crimes (sins) they may not have committed.
Gukus 10 months ago
But there is room for improvement- right? So why would evolution stop?
Tura 9 months ago
wait til you run out.. :0 then you'll know for for me I am satisfied with what I have learned so far, which is Christ Jesus is risen from the dead...and that by the manifestation of his wonderful Holy Spirit which dwells in me! :)
Mitilar 9 months ago
Bitcoin is a great idea if you plan to mine it yourself in 2009.
Dikus 9 months ago
Copying me verbatim would be one of those. Strike one .
Misida 9 months ago
Lmao. Maybe?? I didn't even notice it until now!!!!??????
Sasar 9 months ago
How?s the weather in bizarro world?
Yozshugal 8 months ago
I can respect that, but even that is abstract. When I was in Iraq and Afghanistan I know I personally did not think I am defending the whole nation. What happens if its in your face? What happens if you punched or a sick person intentionally sneezes on you, can your ethic allow you to then in turn go out your way to help them or even sacrifice for them?

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