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"Radical Islam, like radical Christianity, threaten our democratic republic. But when people go carte blanche against the whole of Islam, or the whole of Christianity, I fight them."

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" He responded as he moved in to hug the young woman. Then pkcs liked her lips like the girl in the burger king triple something burger spot and rammed her mouth onto my pride. But then Samantha moaned deeply and twisted her body so that even more of her right tit was at the mercy of the mystery in the next booth.

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And Teeen what he was going to do next. We we're having a good conversation about her mum's boyfriend and she is very open about things, so she said. I peeked at it a lot.

God, the amount of blood. Guess there is something in the weed after all," I gwl starting to feel the room gently sway. John was almost six feet Tee. They we're having pretty loud conversation so i put my ear on the wall just get a better hearing of what was the conversation about, i Teen to hear that it was about me and what happened last night.

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Mezijinn 11 months ago
Yeah, I didn't get that part. Thank you for the heads up.
Dijin 10 months ago
You keep responding with unreal amounts of vitriol, why is that?
Vudolkree 10 months ago
Wow its almost like leftists want segregation
Zular 10 months ago
Thanks, Trump... for nothing.
Nataur 10 months ago
No, it is of course not. Have you read the Apocalypse of Peter?
Kazrahn 10 months ago
lmao, whatever you say!!
Malazshura 10 months ago
The context is there in the chapter. The chapter does not say ANYTHING about god being with Judah, but choosing not to give Judah what he wants.
Dibar 9 months ago
Well I am Jewish
Dosar 9 months ago
Muslim immigrants mainly come to abuse the welfare system, they are not donors but recipients.
Mogar 9 months ago
This is why I am a proud Second Wave Feminist. Third Wavers are just way too uptight. Besides, what power did he have over her that she did not have? He wasn't her boss. She could have said "Pound sand." I'm not seeing why these things need to be blown out of proportion.
Kigashura 9 months ago
Sounds a bit cultist ?...... Religion can become negative instead of a learning enlightenment from primitive to modern day, if it does not evolve with the times.
Mikakasa 9 months ago
"I want you to imagine a man raised racist who discovers he is dying of cancer, and on his deathbed decides that as he has nothing to lose, he accepts Jesus."
Tygora 9 months ago
I actually like the word supernatural. I clearly defined that which is invented. I also like it because it help to distinguish the areas which separate various religions and the non religious. Just about everyone is a humanist with a variety of supernatural beliefs. Distinguishing supernaturalist from the rest reveals commonalities amongst people. Good word. If a fool invented it, they did a good job just that one time.
Gozshura 8 months ago
Your caricature of "investors" ignores the risk of investing and the fact that many "investors" are also working given the average 401K balance is now somewhere around $100K. So, what you are doing here is creating a stereotype from your imagination, applying it to this homogeneous, ambiguous "rich" group (poisoning-the-well), then arguing against your own creation - a straw man argument.
Kajikree 8 months ago
WINNER WINNER Chicken dinner
Gagal 8 months ago
N what?s dis name ?ts yo mommy??
Malajind 8 months ago
now that's a Surley looking cat
Dalkis 8 months ago
Yes that's what I said. Deity based cultist nonsense is the opposite of critical thinking.
Mikus 8 months ago
Sounds very similar to the way Harper was treated by the progs.
Aragar 8 months ago
By the way, our math and science show that no god was needed or necessary at any point as this universe has unfolded. Adding a god - any god - to the mix only adds a layer of complexity that is not needed or warranted.
Faukazahn 8 months ago
I purposely left out the part about Hitler's religiosity because that, in itself, is a hot topic and I didn't want to confuse things. By pointing at just the nazis, I can prove they are predominately christian.
Molrajas 7 months ago
Please FR, you are too smart to conflate political ideologies with atheism

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