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"What does that have to do with the point of the OP?"

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Sailor Throat Fuck Face

It's turm pm, my sleep was interrupted by my cousin sitting over my lap, she was bouncing up and down. ' As I think this last thought sleep takes over my body as I am awaken early the next morning and we head to meet my daddy.

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Kerisar 1 year ago
Too bad that you wouldn't know if the Bible is wrong, since you start with the conclusion that it couldn't be wrong.
Douzuru 1 year ago
Oh ya, he's making America great again. Back when black people were segregated and women stayed in the kitchen......
Taurisar 1 year ago
Oh, the claim itself is misinterpreted from reality, I'd wager.
Doulkis 1 year ago
it is determined by the person weighing the evidence
Dout 1 year ago
Faith is completely internal. You have it, even though you probably wont admit it.
Kagal 1 year ago
Jukus 11 months ago
Bill Gates also isn't a biologist. He doesn't study biology, and he definitely isn't an expert in biology.
Jugami 11 months ago
Death is what gives life meaning.
Kazigrel 11 months ago
According to the comments I have read. Even Kate Middleton was judged for contributing to overpopulation when she had her third.
Gataur 11 months ago
What is the source of your misinformation? Atheist are .007%. of the prison population. No religion and unknown are not atheist or agnostic necessarily. Obviously you have a problem with people who don't follow the indoctrination of religion in general, Christianity in specific. Some of us need more than a two thousand year old book can possibly provide. Actually, the best day of my life up to that point was the day I was introduced to evolution in biology class in eight grade. That set me free of all the non sense of the Bible and some six day crap. I never looked back and that was in 1963. I have watched the world change for the better since then. It was because of science that it did for me anyway. Being black, I never meet other black atheist. But that is fine. Other blacks are not only Christian, but many are also poorly educated, illiterate and desperately poor. This is the same religion that was used to justify enslaving them for centuries. Talk about "sleeping with the enemy?" Its just a dumb idea to me.

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