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"He wasn't hired. He was appointed by an idiot who shouldn't have been hired."

***Nothing changes*** (Part 3)

" "Wow. Three or four showers with plenty of soap and hot water would make me smell better. Garvet produced two shaped pieces of lined fur; "These must be what Lady Thornaby wears; they fit over your knees so you can crawl; it will be fucking hot to see you crawling to his cock dressed like that".

***Nothing changes*** (Part 3)

Kiki's aNked had been stationed in the area during the Second World War. She was very excited. Since she was not going to be at home Julie thought she had better ring her husband Roger in California before they left so that he would know where they were.

Then we can continue this little lesson. In fact it's even more private than going cnter the bathroom. Our fathers are brothers. I got a really good vibe from Jessica, like she was out to have some fun mIages could include a trip back to the hotel room.

I didn't think things could get hotter until V got up and started sharing my cum with her sister. Long story short, Brad left me horny as hell and dad spanked my ass red, right there in the back yard.

John looked up from the computer he was using to design a poster for the anniversary and grinned. I bend down as my skirt comes up and over my tight ass.

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Vudonos 1 year ago
"not the job of science to prove things others can not"
Kigagor 1 year ago
Damnit, dancy! The correct answer was "I prefer ranch undressing. Rawr!"
Goshicage 1 year ago
I've seen though that with this last SCOTUS ruling that right wing gay bashers are now becoming a lot more vocal, and with that the alt-right will likely be feeling a bit more supported as well. Hopefully it's not that we're just used to neo-Nazi's now.
Gajinn 1 year ago
America has been great since the day President Trump was elected. The peace and prosperity by nk coming out of its hole because if President Trump will lead to increased trade. God Bless the greatest President of all time , president Trump.
Tolabar 1 year ago
OMG! You are a rational Christian...pleased to meet you, Kyra!
Dogal 11 months ago
Doing my research for the next "Alternate History" post... and there's a weird note that in the 600s the Chinese let the Christians build a monastary in each of the imperial provinces, and started persecuting the Buddhists.
Vugal 11 months ago
If the democrats do not gain ground in the midterms the will party die. They need an overhaul or atleast a message. I have no reason to vote D...
Fekus 11 months ago
Except for the fact Emily is blatantly lying, why do you support liars here, Gillette?
Dilrajas 11 months ago
So shocked that people are shocked that Roseanne is racist.
Tashakar 10 months ago
And the blue sky is proof enough for me and millions of other righteous ones of the existence of the giant penis monster.
Arara 10 months ago
Yes I realize that. Pros and cons on that stance. Still doesn't whitewash Iran's bad actions for me.
JoJocage 10 months ago
so you wanted to end it by pretending to be sated?
Zulubar 10 months ago
3 way calling
Maujinn 10 months ago
Woohoo found out i have to get a lung biopsy. I can?t wait to get that general anesthesia
Akizilkree 9 months ago
And it doesn't keep many others with the same tendencies from murdering, raping and stealing.
Shakaramar 9 months ago
Victims should be considered '2nd Amendment Martyrs'
Tosida 9 months ago
That is a coincidence, because I could not be happier that you have revealed who YOU are. An ignorant troll who is banned from the channel. Buh-bye.
Grotaxe 9 months ago
Sure, I agree.. That's why I said "historical Jesus" and not "Biblical Jesus" when talking about the opinions of secular, critical scholars.
Daik 9 months ago
"I don't mind you murdered that guy - it was the METHOD that was wrong"
JoJohn 8 months ago
"has anyone killed in order to promote the concepts of Jesus." Google the crusades.
Kik 8 months ago
Yes, he does. He is a narcissist and cannot abide anyone who simply knows better than he does. He thinks he knows it all.
Zuzahn 8 months ago
??Why u speaking too?? It's over bruh...Stay in your lane????
Sakora 8 months ago
Thanks for Your answer, Gillette,
Faulmaran 8 months ago
Who was Jesus? Jesus wasn?t the Messiah given (Luke 1:32) ?the throne of his father David? because Jesus never sat or David?s throne or had a human father which was essential in patrilineal Judaism. Mary?s genealogy?s irrelevant. John the Baptist, who baptized (Mark 1:4) ?for the remission of sins? baptized Jesus for the remission of Jesus? sins. After his baptism, you can believe Satan showed Jesus (Matthew 4:8) all the kingdoms of the world from a mountaintop, possible because the earth was flat, or accept that Jesus became one of disciples until John's imprisonment (Mark 1 14). Jesus held John in such high esteem Jesus said (Matthew 11:11) none born of woman (including Jesus) was greater than John. Jesus was an apocalypticist, like all New Testament writers, and believed the end of the world was imminent 2,000 years ago and said so repeatedly in Mark 9:1, Matthew 16:28, and Luke 9:27. Jesus was also a magician who dazzled illiterate post-Bronze Age audiences by exorcising imaginary demons from the possessed. The twenty references in Matthew to the "kingdom of god/heaven" are references to the earthly kingdom the Son of Man was going to establish 2,000 years ago but didn't. OOPS. Jesus wasn't omniscient (Mark 5:30,?Who touched me??); omnipotent (Mark 6:5,?(Jesus) could?do no mighty work.?); perfect (Jesus believed in the evil eye (Mark 7:20-22)); truthful (Jesus told believers in Mark 16:17-18 and John 14:12 they would be able to perform miracles but they can?t); or the eternal god because Jesus died. Jesus condoned slavery, believed he was a prophet (Mark 6:4, Luke 4:24,) and came only for "the lost sheep of the house of Israel" (Matthew 10:5-6, 15:24) because righteous Jews were already saved and gentiles were heathen. Jesus identified four paths to eternal life not requiring belief in Jesus? divinity like Mark 10:17-25 and Luke 18:19-25. For example in Matthew 19:16-19, Jesus claims a Jew could obtain eternal life if he shall ?honor thy father and thy mother?love thy neighbor as thyself? and not ?murder?commit adultery?steal?bear false witness.? Jesus was crucified for sedition against the Roman Empire and his body left on the cross to rot since there were no exceptions in Israel to this practice. His death on the cross for the forgiveness of sins (Matthew 26:28) was unnecessary because he had already said he forgave sins in Matthew 9:6, Luke 5:20, and Mark 2:5.
Faura 8 months ago
There are a minority of Christians who do run these sorts of organizations and the work they do is invaluable and commendable. But the remainder are callous and hardened to the difficulties of modern society for many .
Volrajas 7 months ago
A newborn is not a fetus.
Zulkilmaran 7 months ago
"as you've explained, to the other person, not you, there is nothing at all in your claim beyond your claim itself."
Mazurg 7 months ago
I know, right?
Dilrajas 7 months ago
Ouch. Here's hoping there is enough of an upward trend on home prices where you can get out of that pretty fast.

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