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Gardazil 11 months ago
Like believers, atheists try to make the best lives for themselves that they can. And, like believers, they understand that a cooperative society is the best way to achieve that goal. Humans have been around long enough to realize that "every man for himself" doesn't allow for one worker to mine the ore, another to smelt the steel, another to make the saw, and another to cut the wood. If a single element of that chain is untrustworthy, then the society breaks down and houses are a lot harder to come by, and aren't anywhere near as comfortable.
Doule 11 months ago
Please do, but not sure it will help. Had this debate in another group and was repeatedly informed that women can just go someplace else for their screenings, tests, and exams: their tax money wasn't supposed to pay for abortions.
Arashijin 11 months ago
They don't care about healthcare.
Zululrajas 11 months ago
Don't be mad at the porn.??
Kezahn 10 months ago
The creator god should simply not enter the discussion until there is evidence for it. If we are sitting around having a discussion about the creation of the universe and someone blurts out:
Kazilar 10 months ago
Ignore. It?s not worth getting in trouble over, and if I noticed out of the corner of my eye, that?s good enough. Don?t care if she?s half naked and twerking.
Gabei 10 months ago
Why don't you provide the examples? I've given you twelve cities in the US showing cities with more relaxed gun control have higher murder rates than cities with tighter gun control.
Yohn 10 months ago
We appear in substantial agreement and even any semantics regarding the concept of "nothing" can do little to separate that agreement.
Voodoogar 10 months ago
That chapter is talking about male Hebrew slaves. You can only keep him for six years. If he started with a wife then he leaves with his wife. If the slave master gives him a wife then the man leaves without his wife or any children they had, which are permanent property of the slaver.
Zulushicage 10 months ago
It still hardly does. Great point!
Fekinos 9 months ago
I don?t see Him, I just feel His presence as though He is w/me.
Malagar 9 months ago
The point is that there is a lot of doctrine within Christianity that is not based on historical evidence.
Tuk 9 months ago
Bit of a stereotype, there. Sorta like saying Christians won't let people make fun of their religion. Meanwhile, there are plenty of non-conservatives of both faiths who enjoy a good laugh if it's in the spirit of congeniality & not oppression or ridicule. IIR there was even a Muslim comedy troupe that traveled through the US South a few years back.
Moogugami 9 months ago
I bet you would.
Gudal 9 months ago
In as sense it did end for them with in their generation It ended the reality of their then religious Beliefs and the power of the priesthood that enforced the law.
Ker 9 months ago
This is about the court case. I will report you.

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