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Banos 1 year ago
BS geh. no one is talking about what happened before 200,000 years ago in these articles or discussion, except you. I never said anything about it. the ARTICLES and ori pdf state it.
Mezikinos 1 year ago
See that is the thing about you Christian apologists. I actually proved it with two postings and YOU still cannot handle the truth.
Zulkidal 1 year ago
I think that she did understand and CHOSE to take offence. Is it just coincidence that only the Women's Studies professor was offended? I don't think so, I think that her "outrage" is contrived at best. I am a liberal (a social democrat actually) but I am troubled by the rise of these people who I refer to as the "alt-left". They often make a big deal of rather trivial things like this not because they want to change society for the better, but because they want the publicity. Then they find some ambitious but dim-witted journalist like Ruth Marcus in the Washington Post to write about it in an effort to gain more fame.
Molar 1 year ago
So may I suggest give your REPUBLICAN tax cut to MY favorite charity ST. Jude Children's Hospital?
Dagami 11 months ago
It's not a scale of you level of belief, but of your level of certainty. How certain are you?
Faegal 11 months ago
It its a mix. I think God allows these 'breadcrumbs' to exist, lead people down the path they choose. Its deliberate, given up to their imaginations. Why? Because it sucks when you force a relationship :)
Vozahn 11 months ago
Heh I resemble that remark... from time to time...
Mikaktilar 11 months ago
Your post is more amusing than Trumps quip about Canada burning down the WH.
Mimi 10 months ago
... what language is that? The terms ?unknowning? and ?lack of belief? are synonyms in all languages.
Zulugal 10 months ago
Don't apologize for your lack of understanding about immigration. Correct the problem.
Tujora 10 months ago
Choosing to drive is not consent to being crashed into. Let's not get it twisted.
Kacage 10 months ago
I will do a Herman Cain here and say; now I don't have facts to back this up, LOL, but persons I know that are involved in the alternate energy business, suggest we are on the tipping point of alternative energy being less expensive than hydrocarbons.
Zulkizil 10 months ago
Pebble Beach, St.Andrews, Augusta....
Gardalkis 9 months ago
I need an argument?
Mikashakar 9 months ago
I like that option even better :-)
Memi 9 months ago
Well, I can't lie, I'm a bit of a douche sometimes. But being polite is a pretty good thing.
Fenrilar 9 months ago
The facts only fit up to small change adaptation, not beyond. No nodes, no novelty...your tree depicting common descent all life is not there. Its ALL a myth, hence why many biologists are doubtful. Yeah natural selection is fact, like I said in the op, but its not fish to human like your faith suggests.
Maushura 9 months ago
So the only reason to be good is fear of punishment? Or boyscoutery?
Shajora 8 months ago
you don't even get what a thought experiment is, do you?
Vule 8 months ago
Follow the Bible? So you don't wear cloth made of two different fibers? You've never worked on Sunday? You've never masturbated? Was your wife a virgin on her wedding night? Did you stone her if not?
Kegal 8 months ago
Exactly. I don't remember his name but when I saw him I felt disgust but also pity for him. Theres nothing we can do about it except keep it out of public schools which is where they are trying to apply ideas of it.
Akinosar 8 months ago
Thanks for your reply Lefty (and to everyone else).
Tezil 8 months ago
Your admission that homosexuality has not been determined to be genetic.
Dolar 7 months ago
Okay, jerk. Why don't you explain where the f*ck you came up with the idea I'm whoever Waykent was?
Akinobar 7 months ago
So because your family had some psychiatric issues, magicians are demonic?

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